Bill Morrison | Electricity — Behind the scenes

I wouldn’t call it modern material but it is, in some ways, dealing with a modern theme, a theme that we still are all quite beholden to: energy, power, electricity, how we make it work for us. I think that it heralds a new age that we all can identify with. This material was an […]

California’s aging, unstable and fragile electricity grid, explained

Every minute of every day in California, people flip a switch and in an instant, a light comes on. Power on-call and at our fingertips anytime, day or night, is so expected, so taken for granted that most of us don’t even give it a thought. But where does that power come from? For most […]

“Carbon neutral” is not enough: Ecosia has built its own solar plants

So here’s the thing, the climate emergency is upon us. And if we want to make it through this, we have to plant millions of trees, which, you know, Ecosia does. But that’s not gonna be enough. We also have to say goodbye to fossil fuels, once and for all, and accelerate the transition to […]