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Lec 21: Magnetic Materials | 8.02 Electricity and Magnetism, Spring 2002 (Walter Lewin)

Yesterday we had two hundred and twenty-five motors, and six of those motors went faster than two thousand RPM, which is a reasonable accomplishment. And the elite is here. These are the elite, the six highest. The winner is, um, Yungun Lee, I talked to her on the phone last night. If all goes well, […]

Delta Electricity – Energy Productivity in Action

So the bio-mass co-firing programme involved principally taking wood fibre and adding it to the coal stream as we burn it, in small percentages up to 5% so that we can safely combust it in the burners with the coal. In terms of greenhouse gas savings, roughly for every tonne of wood we burn we […]

Lec 06: High-Voltage Breakdown and Lightning | 8.02 Electricity and Magnetism (Walter Lewin)

Last time I mentioned to you that charge resides at the surface of solid conductors but that it’s not uniformly distributed. Perhaps you remember that, unless it happens to be a sphere. And I want to pursue that today. If I had a solid conductor which say had this shape and I’m going to convince […]

Lec 04: Electrostatic Potential and Electric Energy | 8.02 Electricity and Magnetism (Walter Lewin)

We’re going to talk about again some new concepts. And that’s the concept of electrostatic potential electrostatic potential energy. For which we will use the symbol U and independently electric potential. Which is very different, for which we will use the symbol V. Imagine that I have a charge Q one here and that’s plus, […]

Everything Everybody Should Know About Electricity (In 3 Minutes)

In our modern world, the easiest and most efficient way of distributing large amounts of energy is through electricity. Electricity is made up of positive and negative, static and moving charges, like protons and electrons. These repel similar charges and attract their opposites. Pushing like charges together or pulling opposite charges apart takes work, which […]

A small 7kW biogas plant to produce electricity, heat and biomethane – English subtitles

Welcome to Barrett’s Mill in Shropshire. This is the site of the Evergreen Gas pilot-prototype anaerobic digester, small-scale, which we’re using to test a new concept of anaerobic digestion which is below-ground plug-flow digestion compared with continuous stirred-tank reactor and here we’re able to use this site both for experimenting with different types of feedstock […]

How to pay electricity bills online through mee seva website?

open “mee seva” website. As the state is divided,the mee seva website is also divided in to… govt of andhrapradesh and govt of telangana. so click the state which you belong. if you already have a user id and password . click, enter here and click login. otherwise we can also pay bills online as […]

Electricity Market Reform

Electricity. It’s the one small thing behind nearly every big invention and innovation to affect business in the last 50 years. The trams and trains that take you in to work. The escalators and elevators that lift you up to the top floor. The personal computer that changed what you could do in a day. […]