Missouri Wind and Solar & USA SolarWorld solar panels

Hi everybody, I’m Jeff from Missouri Wind and Solar and I want to show you the new SolarWorld mono solar panels we’re starting to carry. These are really nice panels, they’re made in America, and I’ll give you a look at the backside so you can see what it looks like. Okay, there’s the specs […]

Electric Fields: Crash Course Physics #26

Last time, we talked about how charged particles exert electrostatic forces on one another. We calculated these forces using the charge of each particle: which can be either positive or negative, and the distance between them, and we did it with the help of Coulomb’s Law: the equation that tells us the force generated by […]

Electric Charge and Electric Fields

Professor Dave again, let’s discuss electric fields. We live in an age where we take electricity for granted. Just plug into the wall and you can power any device you want. But what’s in there? What is electricity made of? The discovery of a variety of phenomena over several centuries eventually led to our mastery […]

Are Electric Cars Really More Environmentally Friendly?

[INTRO ♪] Telling people that buying an electric car is a great way to fight climate change is a pretty reliable way to start an argument in some circles. People will say that you still burn fossil fuels with electric cars – it just happens at the power plant instead of the engine. And while […]

Electrical vs Electronics – Difference Between Electrical and Electronics

Electrical refers to something related to electricity, such as electricity generation and distribution. Electronics are used in front of a device or machine that runs on electricity, such as home appliance. Electrical and electronics may sound similar, but they are very different. Both involve moving electricity around a circuit to power useful products and machines, […]

The Journey of Electrical Energy

Who of us hasn’t left the TV on, even though we are not watching? Who hasn’t left the lights on, even though we are not in the room? Nowadays, electric power is regarded as a common commodity. Just as the sun rises every day, we believe that electricity simply is there. Electricity appears to be […]

Electric Eels – “Eel-ectricity” | As electric as it gets | smart

Hey guys, ready for an unplugged song? Fish, please! We´re fully electric. Say eel-ectricity Say eel-ectricity Say eel-ectricity It´s eel-ectricity Baby, take a cruise Catch yourself a high wave Make the smart move Don´t be missing the buzz Cool enough for school We ain´t never shallow Infinitely juiced Join the motion with us! Welcome to […]

Electric Circuits: Series and Parallel

Hi, I am Jared, welcome to Fun Science Demos. We are kind of in the dark today because we are talking about electricity. And to show you electricity, we need to light up some light bulbs. And to light up some light bulbs, we need it a little bit dark. I have in front of […]

KW to electric unit kwh, monthly power consumption, Hindi

Electricity unit calculation and KW to unit formula. today’s topic is, Units consumed per month by electrical appliances, and how to calculate unit consumption, I have written a formula here, electrical Units is equal to, watts multiply by Hrs, multiply by 30 devided by 1000, what is this watt? watt rating of the used appliances, […]