Up close look at the design of an 18KW Solar Array

In this video we will go over some of the nuts and bolts of the system that makes a big difference between a neat system and/or a sloppy system This is showing Everest mounting. This was designed, I guess I did the design here. This is Ben with Belmont Solar. And the workers at Belmont […]

How do Electric Transmission Lines Work?

In the past, power generating plants were only able to serve their local areas. Electricity didn’t have far to travel between where it was created and where it was used. Since then, things have changed, and most of us get our electricity from the grid, huge interconnected areas of power producers and users. As power […]

The Beauty of Solar Shingles

I’m at a beautiful home in Point Loma here with Tyler from BVI Solar and Julie Connolley, the homeowner and we’re going to learn today about solar shingles. So, Tyler- the homeowner here wanted solar shingles. First, for the audience tell us what those are. So, solar shingles are an integrative roof tile that replaces […]

Octopus now 5 hours cheap Electric, oh and a free £5 credit!

Shh I’ve got a little secret today and that is octopus have sent out an email to select a number of customers and you may be one of them and you might want to read the email and even if you’re not one of the customers you might want to watch this video and find […]

Expert Interview: Stephen Nairne | Lundin Foundation | Bringing Power to the World

This is B-TV. The Lundin Foundation has developed an investment strategy guided by a long-held belief of its founders. They’ve written that poverty reduction is not possible without sustainable economic growth, Stephen Nairne, the Foundation’s managing director elaborates. The founding principle really is the Lundin’s were an entrepreneurial family. I think they had had disappointing […]

mini hydropower | 微型水力發電機 一天可發電6kwh,一家都用不了,還不用維護

The Energy Internet Explained, with Jeremy Rifkin

Well, we’re all familiar with the first Internet, the communication Internet. We’ve been on it for 24/25 years most of us. We use the Internet all the time to communicate and send information. The energy Internet is very, very new. It’s now actually being built out in places like Germany, in Denmark and across Europe […]

Renewable Energy 101 | Solar vs. Wind

With utility prices rising and the knowledge of traditional forms of energy production using fossil fuels can harm the environment many home and business owners are turning to alternative renewable energy as a way to reduce cost and benefit the environment. Solar and wind-generated electricity can be great options to produce clean renewable energy, often […]

Introduction to Distributed Renewable Electricity Supply for Rural Areas – RUVIVAL Toolbox

Electricity is essential and without it, human beings can’t access important parts of society. Infrastructure and information technologies improve the education level of an area. Health services in clinics and hospitals rely on electricity, for example: to cool medicine, emergency treatment or night time care. Business activities and the manufacturing and service sectors are enabled […]

How Coal Fired Thermal Power Stations Work