How to test your Electricity Generator’s AVR, Brushes and Alternator on a Brushed Alternator

Hi. I’m Styles from Generator Guru. And today, I’m going to teach you how to test your AVR and your alternator. Quite often what happens with these generators, Chinese ones especially, like these, is suddenly one day you go get your generator out of your shed, and it won’t produce any power. Engine is running […]

Electricity Generator Brushless Alternator Testing – Generator with a capacitor.

Hi I am Styles from Generator Guru, and today I am going to show you how to test your capacitor and Alternator On a brushless alternator Electricity Generator. What happens sometimes is you go out, into your shed, get your generator out, it was running fine last time, you start her up and the engine […]

மின்சார உற்பத்தியின் உண்மை முகம். | LMES

[MATCH STICK IS BEING LIT] GIRL : According to the law of conservation of Energy, energy can neither be created nor destroyed. Energy can only be converted from one form to another [LESS ELECTRIFIED VILLAGE] [ ELECTRIFIED CITY] For the past 30 to 40 years the stipulation for fossil fuels were at the peak worldwide, […]

Power optimizers on a solar panel

Good morning, it’s Ben with Belmont Solar A cat came to visit us apparently this cat love solar as well But I just got done showing you some of the mounting system and some of the power production on this meter in the previous videos I’m sure a lot of you have more questions but […]

No electricity, the solar power dream – #FOTD315

– [Female voice] Fact of the Day. – [Male Voice] Fact of the Day. – Hello, hi and welcome to Fact of the Day with me, Mark Lotsu. No electricity? The solar power dream. There are now over 100 million people around the world who are off the electricity grid, as in they’re not connected […]

Solar power could be the answer to aging electrical grids

This is about trying to take control of how our lives are wired. In these backlands of northern Guatemala, you can actually see where the energy grid stops. The power line runs by the road until, suddenly, it just doesn’t. And, out past this point, people’s homes work without the modern conveniences that most urbanites […]