Solar Soil Moisture Meter // Becky Stern

Hi, it’s Becky. Today we’re making a solar powered soil moisture monitor. It uses an ESP8266 wifi microcontroller running some low power Arduino code, and everything’s waterproof so it can be left outside. Let’s get started. You’ll need a solar battery charging board and ESP8266 breakout such as the NodeMCU or Huzzah, as well as […]

Solar USB Charger // Becky Stern

Hey, it’s Becky Stern here. Today we’re making a solar charging USB backup battery. This simple soldering project will charge your phone or tablet, perfect for camping or the next time the power goes out. Let’s get started. You’ll need a solar battery charging board and powerboost, both from adafruit, as well as a battery, […]

Top 10! New Products Aliexpress & Amazon 2019 | Amazing Tech Gadgets. Gearbest

Hello, dear friends! Now you will see another selection of cool products. Push like and Let’s go! All links to the products in the description below the video. Push like. Subscribe on my channel and click on the bell. Thank you very much for watching this video. If you have not seen these videos, be […]

Building your own power meter with the Peacefair PZEM-022

Hi there, For a while now I was looking for a mains power meter, similar to the Hopi Meter you may know from BigClive’s youtube channel but much less expensive. Let’s see the content of this package can do the job. Ok what we have is a ring shaped coil, actually a current transformer. And […]

How to use an oscilloscope / What is an oscilloscope / Oscilloscope tutorial

T T T hey youtube is welcome to the session where we haven’t game to you have a little tutorial on how to use an oscilloscope an now I want to do you passed before we get into doing he needs to learn how to use is a Skype is perhaps just explain a little […]

Voltage regulator tutorial & USB gadget charger circuit

In this video I’m going to talk about linear voltage regulators and show you how to use one to charge 5 volt USB devices like phones and MP3 players. So what is a voltage regulator? A voltage regulator is a device that takes an unregulated input voltage that could be fluctuating over time, and spits […]

#140 IKEA Tradfri IOT Smart Lighting System Hack

Grüezi YouTubers. Here is the guy with the Swiss accent. With a new episode around sensors and microcontrollers. Lately, IKEA jumped on the IOT bandwagon and released a new line. It is called TRÅDFRI smart lightning, and is a direct competitor to Philips hue. Tradfri is Danish and means “wire-free” This line consists of controllers, […]

How to use a Multimeter for beginners: Part 1 – Voltage measurement / Multimeter tutorial

how do you choose his own welcome to the series on how to use a multimeter for beginners: 9 this series will not likes to use of the show you the basics of how to take today electrical/electronic measurements with a multimeter and I’d also like to draw some nice analogies explaining the basics of […]

The Curious Case of Free Energy Device

Hi, I’d like to rectify free energy. It’s one of the hot topics between electronic enthusiasts. There are many demonstrations built by people out there, such as this guy from Pakistan who invented such machine with 1.6 million video video views. Electric companies hate him, mainly because he’s wearing huge sunglasses indoors. He has a […]

Solar Battery Charger (LiPo/Li-Ion) || DIY or Buy

A while ago. I realized that I got quite a few solar panels laying around that are not being used for anything Due to the nature of solar panels, it is obviously not possible though To directly connect them to projects and thus use them as power sources They’re constantly altering output voltage and current […]