TE Connectivity: SOLARLOK 1-Rail Junction Box, Potting Version

Hello. My name is Greg Paukert. I’m a product manager for TE Connectivity, Solar and I’d like to introduce to you our 1-Rail Junction Box Assembly, the potted version. One of the design challenges I gave our design team was to make this as small as possible. And one of the advantages you get with […]

Electrical Tricks of Biba Struja the Battery Man

Hi. Internet showed me another miracle man called Biba Struja. He started from humble beginnings. (At first glance, you would never…) He could hold live wires, and cook sausage with electricity holding wires, and set fire by sending electricity through his body. Later, he cooked more sausages and set more things on fire and also […]

Solar Panels in Andhra Pradesh||solar panel subsidy||solar panel installation

LIKE SHARE SUBSCRIBE Apepdcl solar panel How to purchase solar panel with subsidy 30% subsidy on solar panel purchase Rs computers

Electrical vs Electronics – Difference Between Electrical and Electronics

Electrical refers to something related to electricity, such as electricity generation and distribution. Electronics are used in front of a device or machine that runs on electricity, such as home appliance. Electrical and electronics may sound similar, but they are very different. Both involve moving electricity around a circuit to power useful products and machines, […]

EBike Battery Pack || DIY or Buy || Electric Bike Conversion (Part 2)

in the last episode of this video series I showed you how to create your own sensored ESC in order to power an electric bike wheel with low voltages but since the achieved rotation speed was too slow and not many people want to create their own ESC for an E-bike conversion let’s rather switch […]

Super Human Endurance Against High Electrical Current

Hi, I like to show you magic where everyone else will perish a man who cannot die with electricity not me someone else this man is called Mohan Simple man from India. He can pass huge amounts of electricity through his body to turn on a lamp or a mixer without a problem Truly there […]

inverter ac vs non inverter ac electricity consumption in hindi urdu /english subtitle

hello friends welcome to my channel today we are going to compare inverter ac vs non inveerter ac electricity consumption like share sub we have a inverter ac which is gree 1 ton and second one is lg non inverter ac lets compare them friends we have a little sutup we attached digitle metre and […]

Could Ultracapacitors Realize Their Full Potential…With Laxatives?

Supercapacitors present an amazing opportunity to move away from batteries and into a world where almost instant charging is the norm. But their drawbacks mean we can’t use them widely…yet. Experiments with a new class of materials that are related to soap and laxatives (yes, laxatives) could bring us one step closer to a world […]