Let‘s Make Cars Better | Sono Motors

every year 80 million cars are being produced they’re getting bigger stronger faster that’s not what we need let’s make them better no emissons integrated car sharing integrated solar cells time’s running 30.12.2019

State of Development – Timing & SOP | Sono Motors

So when I look at it, myself, the challenges that our society will be facing in the next few decades, the Sion is the answer to many of these challenges that we have in the future. I’m Max, I’m Program Manager at Sono Motors. This means I am responsible for time, cost and quality of […]

Funding & Finance | Sono Motors

How much do our values and vision mean to us? And how much do we care about finances i.e. getting money? So you ran out of funding? On the subject of funding we may have to go back to the beginning of Sono Motors. We are in the year 2016, the concept Sion and Sono […]

Money. | Sono Motors

When you build up a company, it can sometimes go in the wrong direction And it’s all about waking up again and again and realizing, where you come from. Sono needs an incredible amount of money. And we knew that from the beginning. That was not something that we have only just discovered. Everyone told […]

Electric Car Sion on Tour 2018 | Sono Motors

We carry out test drives because we simply want to introduce the Sion to the world and explain our mobility concept. I’m a mecanical engeneer, i belive in green economy and i belive that electric motor is the future of this business. The atmosphere is awesome, people are interested, it’s just fun to talk to […]