Guest Pastor Billy Crone: “Israel and the Coming Holocaust”

I would like to introduce pastor Billy Crone again I’m excited for what he has for us tonight oh my goodness please if you have an opportunity to gather some of his writings and his videos do so you would be blessed richly blessed so I’ll stop talking now and let pastor Billy Crone do […]

China to Mine the Moon for Helium-3 Advanced Nuclear Energy

China has a mission for the moon and that is to mine it especially for helium-3 in 2015 the United States passed the commercial space launch competitiveness Act of 2015 removing legal obstacles to extraterrestrial activity by foreign nations defying the Outer Space Treaty of 1979 China started gearing up in a hurry to be […]

How The World Will End cme1

The end of time is a question a debate a thought pondered throughout civilization for a few millennia at the least the end of time is something that it’s fascinated meeting people whether it’s Planet X the Mayan calendar biblical prophecies the rapture supervolcano’s alien invasion artificial intelligence and the list goes on no matter […]