Solar Energy Comes to the East Baltimore Campus

Johns Hopkins Medicine is taking advantage of the benefits of solar power on 100 acres in rural Queen Anne, Maryland, about 60 miles from the Johns Hopkins Hospital campus in Baltimore. The solar farm boasts more than 40,000 solar panels.>>This site produces 13 megawatts of energy and on a hot summer day in Baltimore with […]

This New Space Tech Could Someday Replace A/C

Today’s air conditioning and refrigeration systems essentially follow the same principles that have been around for about hundred years. If we continue along today’s path then that sets us up for a future where air conditioning may actually become one of our single largest sources of greenhouse gas emissions later this century. Air conditioners have […]

What is energy for kids | Learn about Energy Sources | Renewable Energy | الطاقة | エネルギー | zaffron

Energy what is energy light well that’s a type of energy we use all the temp through outside all day long we get light from the Sun plants can turn sunlight into useful energy which makes them grow food gives energy to animals and humans so they can live almost anything that moves can be […]

Solar Power – The Organic Rose S2 EP211

(upbeat theme music) (male singer) ♪ Sofrito! ♪♪ Hi, I’m Steve Rose. I’ve been a chef for 38 years, was the owner of the greenest restaurant in the entire San Francisco Bay Area, and now I’m a farmer here at Rose Ranch. We do things green around here. What sets me apart is that “green” […]

SunCatcher: KUA’s Solar Energy Education Trailer

Here at KUA we’re proud to introduce the KUA solar energy education trailer that we’ve nicknamed the SunCatcher. The reason we built the SunCatcher is to educate the benefits behind solar. One of the great things that we really hope to do is bring it out to local schools. We bring it out to community […]

Pittsburg State University Tour Of Chateau Pensmore

I’m always with TIA forming systems we’re here today with the students from the School of construction from Pittsburg State University located in expert this purpose of these tours is to educate both these students and the general public of the cutting edge and innovative technologies technologies that are afforded by the living laboratory pensmore […]

ENERGY QUEST USA (full program)

Male Narrator: Americans used to rely on animal power for transportation and to carry goods from place to place. And oil from whales to light our evenings. Today it’s gasoline and motor vehicles, and vast amounts of electricity to light our cities and power our economy. But one study claims that Americans spend just six […]