Nuclear Energy: Humanity’s LAST Hope?

our world is becoming increasingly more complex and connected for 95% of humanity’s existence we didn’t even know about electricity there is a fundamental physical law which states that energy cannot be created nor destroyed but only transformed in that sense all the energy we currently use in our homes communications factories among many other […]

The 2nd Heliocentric Revolution – feat. Copernicus [RAP NEWS 22]

This is Rap News, adjust your mental tuning. Hello, fellow children of the industrial revolution. We’ve come of age, but our age seems to be running out of steam …as well as oil, coal, gas, water and old trees. We face a crisis: in spite of our advancement and science, the ratio of Energy expended […]

Why aren’t we only using solar power? – Alexandros George Charalambides

We have some good reasons to completely switch over to solar power. It’s cheaper in many cases, and definitely more sustainable than our dependance on traditional power plants that use resources like coal, which will eventually run out. So why don’t we replace these traditional plants with solar energy? Because there’s one factor that makes […]

Breakthrough in renewable energy – VPRO documentary

the world had made a deal in December the world leaders came to an agreement to stop climate change world leaders congratulated each other because lengthy negotiations had finally resulted in the decision to prevent a catastrophic warming of the earth a political victory but was it this story tells us why now after 20 […]

Will Solar Power Be The Energy Miracle?

– What’s the status on solar power? It’s gonna be a bright sunshiny day! (upbeat music) Renewable energy is on our minds. Bill Gates himself, co-founder of Microsoft, recently said that we are in need of an energy miracle. So, could solar power be that miracle? Well, it’s a story we’ve heard for decades. I […]

Can We Power Everything With Solar Panels?

It’s 2015, I always thought the world look like the jetsons right now with flying cars and clean energy? While we’re still waiting on a flying car, clean energy, especially solar, has come a long away. Hey guys Julia here for DNews We’ve talked about solar power here on DNews before a lot. To see […]