Lec 07: Capacitance and Field Energy | 8.02 Electricity and Magnetism, Spring 2002 (Walter Lewin)

assemble charges, I have to do work, we discussed that earlier. And we call that electrostatic potential energy. Today, I will look at this energy concept in a different way, and I will evaluate the energy in terms of the electric field. Suppose I have two parallel plates, and I charge this one with positive […]

Energy 101: Feedstocks for Biofuels and More

Nearly a billion dollars a day. That’s how much we spend on oil imports in the U.S. — oil that powers our nation’s transportation systems and industries. But here’s something to think about: a strong biofuels industry could meet much of our demand. Biofuels are made from organic materials, or biomass, grown in our own […]

The Energy Internet Explained, with Jeremy Rifkin

Well, we’re all familiar with the first Internet, the communication Internet. We’ve been on it for 24/25 years most of us. We use the Internet all the time to communicate and send information. The energy Internet is very, very new. It’s now actually being built out in places like Germany, in Denmark and across Europe […]

Hydrokinetic energy to power our future – USA Science and Engineering Festival

CRAIG HILL: The new age in hydropower is hydrokinetic energy. So hydrokinetic energy is the form of renewable energy. Very similar to wind energy only it uses the naturally occurring currents such as rivers or tidal channels. It’s much more environmentally friendly. So there’s a lot of research going on right now as to why […]

Nuclear Fusion: Engine of the Stars and Energy of the Future

Okay, well, hello everyone, I am Clayton Myers I’m from Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory in Princeton New Jersey and I’m going to talk to you today about nuclear fusion and its applications now and in the future as hopefully an energy source for the future mankind internationally. So I hope you enjoy it and I’ll […]

world smart energy week 2014

I’ll with gas prices as high as they are these days a poor with four wheels propelled by Lake power is becoming more appealing as a transportation option butter cabs are exactly the alternative energy source you’ve been looking for you might want to join us as we had two World smart energy week 2014 […]