Tutorial 3: Everything you need to know about solar panel | Heaven Solar

Hello friends! Welcome to the third video of on-grid solar panel tutorial series I Shubham Mandot, will discuss about the types of solar cells, their construction, and how to read a data sheet Before beginning with it, let us have a glance at the previous activity In which, we asked you t calculate the monthly […]

Energy 101: Wind Turbines

MR. : We’ve all seen those creaky old windmills on farms, and although they may seem about as low-tech as you can get, those old windmills are the predecessors for new modern wind turbines that generate electricity. The same wind that used to pump water for cattle is now turning giant wind turbines to power […]

The Future of Renewable Energy…is Coming from Drones?

The drones are coming! And they’re making renewable energy? You know, the trouble with wind power is that it needs to be windy. And if it’s not you really only have two solutions – go out and find the wind, or create it. So, how does one create wind? Well that’s why I’ve cooked up […]

Energy 101: Solar PV

MR. : All right, we all know that the sun’s energy creates heat and light. But it can also be converted to make electricity, and lots of it. One technology is called solar photovoltaics or PV for short. You’ve probably seen PV panels around for years, but recent advancements have greatly improved their efficiency and […]