“A Carbon Tax: Calculating the Cost of Fossil Fuels to Society” by James Hansen

This presentation is brought to you by Arizona State University’s Julie Ann Wrigley Global Institute of Sustainability, and a generous investment by Julie Ann Wrigley. The problem is that energy is very useful. And people want to raise their standard of living, including places like India and China. And they have every right to do […]

Cheaper and greener electricity at home

Our days are regulated by the use of appliances that weigh on our electricity bills. But machines like air conditioning, water boilers or refrigerators could be less expensive if used in a clever way. To help us save money, experts from the EU-funded project ADDRESS have developed this Energy Box, currently tested by Spanish households. […]

eEnergy Overview – Lighting As A Service (LED Lighting), and Energy As A Service

eEnergy is energy efficiency as a service business. Our main trading business is Elight which provides light as a service to its customers, and we work with businesses schools, commercial (and) industrial client. So our core business Eli is just under 30 people. We’ve been trading out of both Dublin and London for the last […]

These Farmers Want to Free Their Fields of Fossil Fuels

– [Voiceover] Greg and Sandy Brummond live and farm in Northeast Nebraska, just outside the town of Craig. But they’re rarely in their home. Mostly, you’ll find them here. – [Greg] This is our shop that we do most of our repair work. Just literally about lived up here for 10 hours a day it […]

Policies to Improve Energy Efficiency – Sustainable Energy – TU Delft

Hey everyone, welcome back! Meeting the rapidly rising energy demand with mostly or solely renewable energies is a huge challenge. So next to stimulating renewable energy uptake and reducing CO2 emissions, we will also have to reduce our overall energy consumption. Improving energy efficiency is an effective way to do this without sacrificing our living […]

Going All Electric at Home

For me it’s not just about individually getting off fossil fuels or cleaning up my air in my own home. It’s also about saving the planet. And so it can’t just be us that does this – everybody has to be able to do it. Ever wonder what it’s like to electrify everything inside your […]

Scaling Up Green Energy Finance Swapping Fossil Fuel Subsidies for Sustainable Energy Solutions

[IISD REPORTING SERVICES] [Scaling Up Green Energy Finance: Swapping Fossil Fuel Subsidies for Sustainable Energy Solutions] [IISD, Global Subsidies Initiative, FFFsR, Danish Ministry of Energy, Utilities and Climate] Achieving a zero-emission pathway may be more accessible than previously considered. According to a newly launched report, redistributing even a fraction of the annual 425 billion USD that […]

PBS NewsHour full episode December 24, 2019

JUDY WOODRUFF: Good evening. I’m Judy Woodruff. On the “NewsHour” tonight: no end in sight:. The shelling of civilians continues in Syria. Meanwhile, the suspicious death of a humanitarian working in the country is raising concerns. Then: the Trump agenda — efforts by the president to resist new environmental rules now a rallying cry on […]

The science and controversy behind your lightbulbs

(gentle music) – You might have noticed that light bulbs have gotten more complicated. Light bulb technology has exploded in the past few years. There are incandescents, fluorescents, LEDs, it’s a lot. New bulbs are more energy-efficient than they ever were before, and they’re even getting smarter. But now, all of a sudden, some of […]