A Powerful Step Forward | Gulf Power + Florida Power & Light

We’ve come a long way together. Bringing Northwest Florida through the good times. The hard times. And all the times in between. We’re neighbors… friends… family. It’s a powerful connection we share. And it’s going to remain strong; as Gulf Power joins the Florida Power and Light Family. Delivering an enhanced level of service while […]

How These Bacteria Become Electrical Cables That Could Power Our World

It turns out that bacteria may have figured out the whole electricity thing way before we did, you guys. In fact, there are bacteria deep in the ground and under the ocean right now that are acting as living electric cables, and scientists are coming up with all sorts of cool new ways to study […]

Can Crypto Really Save the Planet??? 9 Worthwhile WePower Facts!

Hey guys, I’m Angelo & welcome back to Crypto Coin Consultants. Mining expends a lot of electrical energy. But is there a way to counter that? WePower plans on pioneering the blockchain-based renewable energy industry as one of the first crypto energy-trading platforms. Today we’ll learn more about this extremely fascinating power project. But first, […]

Solar power could be the answer to aging electrical grids

This is about trying to take control of how our lives are wired. In these backlands of northern Guatemala, you can actually see where the energy grid stops. The power line runs by the road until, suddenly, it just doesn’t. And, out past this point, people’s homes work without the modern conveniences that most urbanites […]