Mark Keevers & Martin Green : World record in converting sunlight into electricity

My colleague Mark Keevers and I led a team that has set a new world record in converting sunlight into electricity. We achieved an efficiency of 40% by splitting a single beam of sunlight across two different types of solar cells. The innovative part of our work is the use of a custom designed bandpass […]

American Solar Direct on KUSI News at 10

This is the KUSI news at Ten. And here in San Diego numerous solar company’s now operating in Poway. American Solar Direct who will produce clean energy products, available to home owners. They can reduce their electric bills with out no upfront costs.

Korea ranks fourth in nuclear energy dependence 한국 핵발전 비중 세계 4위…신재생에너지 82위

Korea has been promoting smarter energy use and encouraging lower gas consumption to contribute to a more sustainable energy future. The country relies heavily on nuclear power that generates less greenhouse effect, but some experts say it′s high time Korea shifted its focus to other forms of renewable energy. Sohn Jung-in reports. According to the […]

Trump praises US energy industry: ‘America is now No. 1 in oil’

Nuclear Power Industry Case Study

Honestly, I’m surprised that I know as much about nuclear power plants as I do. The energy industry is something where safety is of great importance, where a culture of accountability is essential, and the need, truly, for leaders at all levels of those organizations to be committed to, invested in, and capable of leading […]

sprayLD – New technique offers spray-on power

It may look more like Junkyard Wars than high tech, but this device is the first step toward spray-on solar cells. Invented by researcher Illan Kramer of the University of Toronto and IBM, the set-up uses parts you can buy at an art store to spray liquid containing light-sensitive particles onto any flexible surface.

Smart textiles help saving energy equivalent to more than three nuclear power plants!

Smart textiles that purify water or regulate temperature, TEKO, the Swedish Textile and Clothing Industries Association, is no stranger to challenge and change. Their stated goal is to reap environmental benefits in all product development. We work with environmental issues in many different ways. From being a side issue ten years ago, it is now […]

3 Reasons Why Nuclear Energy Is Terrible! 2/3

three reasons why we should stop using nuclear energy one. nuclear weapons proliferation nuclear technology made a violent entrance onto the world stage just one year after the world’s first-ever nuclear test explosion in 1944 two large cities were destroyed by just two single bombs after that, reactor technology slowly evolved as a means of […]

New spongelike material for effective Solar steam generation by heat localization

Researchers at MIT have developed a new spongelike material structure which can use 85% of incoming solar energy for converting water into steam. This spongelike structure has a layer of graphite flakes and an underlying carbon foam. This structure has many small pores. It can float on the water, and it will act as an […]