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Energy what is energy light well that’s a type of energy we use all the temp through outside all day long we get light from the Sun plants can turn sunlight into useful energy which makes them grow food gives energy to animals and humans so they can live almost anything that moves can be […]

M-Trigen Energy Independence From Concept to Reality

Energy Independence from concept to reality what if you could have total control over your own power system that allows you to be completely independent of the electric grid? what if this power system will supply all of your power heating and cooling requirements and do it more efficiently and at a fraction of the […]

ENVIRONMENTAL NEWS – How to make a solar water heater from plastic bottles

In environmental news, a Brazilian inventor’s solar heater invention benefits many. More than 13,000 people in the nation are using solar heaters modeled after the one constructed by Mr. José Alano in 2002 from used plastic bottles and cartons. In the state of Paraná, government-sponsored workshops have been held to help people in making their […]