4. Electricity markets and energy security: investing in interconnections

The following module will address electricity policies. Electricity is becoming more and more important in world energy demand. In the 1970s electricity demand was only 10% among other fuels. Now this share has at least doubled. This also has repercussions on the political importance of electricity. Likewise, those who are interested in the issue of […]

Energy Of The 21st Century Explained in 25 Minutes |Global Energy Scenario

Approximately 2 lakh years ago Humans first discovered the Fire. They may have witnessed fire even before that in the form of wildfires caused by the sun or the lightning strike. But 2 lakh years ago Humans learned to control and use fire for cooking and other stuff. Since then energy has been an integral […]

What is a Zero Energy Building?

What is a zero energy building? Most buildings today use a lot of energy – to keep the lights on, cool the air, heat water, and power personal devices. Even installing solar systems will not significantly counter the heavy energy load. There are, however, some buildings that strike a balance; or even tip the scales […]

The Solar Energy Innovation Network

The entire paradigm around electricity delivery is changing very, very quickly. Utilities are grappling with how to incorporate and integrate a variety of new technologies and by equipping stakeholders with the information they need to make those decisions in real time is extremely important. The Solar Energy Innovation Network is a multi-year, multi-stakeholder initiative, supported […]

Solar Power: Controlling our Destiny

It’s funny ’cause the towns around us think we’re doing all kinds of alien crap, but I haven’t seen any of that yet. The benefits of having solar panels here at China Lake is more from an energy security standpoint. The Navy has a goal by 2020 to produce 50% of our total energy in-house. […]

Australia’s Energy Security – 24/7 Concentrated Solar Thermal Power plus Molten Salt Storage (CSP+)

The problem with renewable energy is the lack of continuous supply: solar power only when it’s sunny, wind power only when it’s windy and wave power when the sea’s not too rough. I’m Russell Beard and I’ve come to the south of Spain to visit Gemasolar, the first solar power-tower station that can produce electricity […]