Ed Tech Design Video- Renewable Energy

Teacher: Class class! Students: Yes yes! Teacher: We are now going to talk to each other about what we think the best energy source is. Break off into groups of three, and start going through the pros and cons we listed earlier. Please make sure to talk about their environmental effects. Lydia: Do you guys […]

Power to the Planet – Solar

Every hour of every day, the sun beams more than enough energy onto our planet to satisfy global electricity demands for an entire year. Solar is also a fuel source that the electricity industry is really expanding into- in terms of large commercial solar installations. Thirty years ago, solar cells could only convert a few […]

Power to the Planet – Coal

Coal is fossilized land plants that have been buried deep in the earth for millions of years. The pressure and the intense heat at those depths have turned vegetation into a hard black material that is primarily carbon. One of the biggest pros about coal is there’s a lot of it. It has been a […]

The Future Energy – Top 10 Energy Sources

The Future Energy – Top 10 Energy Sources