John’s story on helping modern society become independent of fossil fuels

Modern society has become dependent upon energy. We have to learn to eliminate our dependence on fossil fuels, so that we can be sustained by the energy from the sun, but you need to be able to store it. The battery is one of the best ways to store electric power efficiently. I knew I […]

Could Ultracapacitors Realize Their Full Potential…With Laxatives?

Supercapacitors present an amazing opportunity to move away from batteries and into a world where almost instant charging is the norm. But their drawbacks mean we can’t use them widely…yet. Experiments with a new class of materials that are related to soap and laxatives (yes, laxatives) could bring us one step closer to a world […]

Solution to All Problems with Renewable Energy? Thermal Battery

The future of Energy lies in clean, renewable energy without a doubt. How do thermal batteries fit into the future of renewable energy Each year renewable energy makes up more and more of the total energy produced throughout the world. Apart from hydroelectric energy, renewable energy sources such as solar energy and wind energy are […]

Solar Power Myths: My solar panel system will require maintenance

Hi, this is Amy from the altE Store. Well I’m sure you’ve seen a whole lot of wrong information out here on the internet about solar. So we’re doing a whole series of solar myth busting for you. You can see more in our playlist here. Here’s a myth: My solar panel system will require […]

This New Tech Could Revolutionize How We Store Renewable Energy

In a world in desperate need to go carbon-free, solar, wind, and renewables are the future. But our present ability to store their excess energy falls short. In fact, most of the time, that power goes missing. Of the many solutions swirling around, air—or rather, compressed air— seems to be sweeping some in the energy […]

The Next Big Opportunities in Energy Storage

Now, I’d like to introduce today’s featured presenter William Chueh. Will Chueh is a assistant professor in the Department of Material Science and Engineering and a center fellow at the Precourt Institute for Energy at Stanford University. Professor Chueh has received numerous honors including the MRS Outstanding Young Investigator Award in 2018, The Volkswagen BASF […]

New Battery technology that lasts decades, Lithium Titanate Oxid – LTO

Hello, welcome in GWL Technical department Today we would like to show you the newest technology in lithium ion batteries the lithium titanite cells LTO are carefully packed in to six pieces which makes it possible to build a pack with the voltage of 10,8 – 15,9 volts. Every cell has a capacity of 40Ah […]

Solar Panel Company & Solar Battery Storage in Rancho Cucamonga CA | Ampsun Energy Inc.

Solar Panel Company in Rancho Cucamonga | Solar Battery Storage in Rancho Cucamonga | Ampsun Energy Inc. well my name is Ray Allen Berryhill I’m called dr. Berryhill I’m called pastor Berryhill I’m called Reverend Berryhill I’m called Berryhill I am a senior pastor of resurrected Life Church in Chicago Illinois is a thriving multicultural […]

How can we use wind power when there’s no wind?

“What happens when the wind isn’t blowing, the tide is turning and someone wants a cup of hot chocolate in the night? If it was up to environmentalists the answer would be ‘tough you’ll have to go without’.” Anybody who’s a fan of wind or solar power has heard the argument that the wind doesn’t […]