Stanford Course – Solar Cells

[music] Hi, my name is Mike McGehee. Thank you for taking my course on solar cells. In the beginning we’ll take a look at what solar cells can do and talk about what the cost needs to be for them to compete economically. Then I’ll tell you a little bit about the science of solar […]

EDGE Chats: Bryan Christiansen, Chief Operating Officer, Vivint Solar

– The trends that are going to have the biggest impact on solar in the short term, there are at least two. Number one is the political environment that we’re in. That will definitely have an impact, but that said, the thing that will have the largest impact will be consumer preference and consumer choice. […]

Is Renewable Energy Just Fantasy? – Expo 2017 Astana

What if we could magic up energy? It’d be fantastic wouldn’t it? We can replace our unsightly power stations with grand wizard spires and why use coal? In this fantasy world we could use some sort of glowing purple crystal. Yeah that’s right! Just one of them could use its magical rays to send lightning […]

Stanford Webinar – Game-Changer for Solar Energy: Perovskite Semiconductors

So now I’d like to introduce today’s speaker, Michael McGehee. Michael McGehee is a professor of materials science and engineering at Stanford University, and the co-director of our Energy Innovation and Emerging Technologies certificate. Which is offered through the Stanford Center for Professional Development. His primary research interests are developing new materials for smart windows […]