Inside The High-Tech TESLA Factory | Mind Blowing Facts

One of the world’s most cutting-edge factories who are on a super high-tech mission to build an alternate future welcome to mind-blowing facts in this episode we’re learning about the incredible Tesla factory an extraordinary state-of-the-art electric car manufacturing facility that’s at the vanguard of a new era of motoring located in Fremont California this […]

Chernobyl Disaster: New Safe Confinement | Mind Blowing Facts

This is the Kiev district of Ukraine in Eastern Europe. Once part of the mighty Soviet Union, it became a world of ghost towns and abandoned cities. It’s one of the most radioactive regions on the planet, with over 2 and a half thousand square kilometres deemed uninhabitable. The results of one of the world’s […]

10 Tragic Disasters Caused by a Lack of Engineering

Engineers are one of the most important behind-the-scenes groups of people, and most of us just take them and their work for granted. The truth is that there can only be so many designers, and the vast majority of engineers do the unglamorous, but no less important work, of building, testing, and improving things for […]