Sticky tape the key to ultrathin solar cells

We are working on a new semiconductor, it’s called black phosphorus or phosphorene. Ultra thin, ultra light and also with wavelength tunability which can offer us to fabricate lots of interesting devices such as LED and solar cells. We used the similar away that was used to fabricate graphene to fabricate phosphorene. We use the […]

sprayLD – New technique offers spray-on power

It may look more like Junkyard Wars than high tech, but this device is the first step toward spray-on solar cells. Invented by researcher Illan Kramer of the University of Toronto and IBM, the set-up uses parts you can buy at an art store to spray liquid containing light-sensitive particles onto any flexible surface.

Arrowrock Dam: A Guided Tour

[music] Michael: Hi. My name is Michael Anselme, and I’d like to invite you on a virtual tour of Arrowrock Dam which is now 100 years old. [music] After its completion in 1915, Arrowrock Dam was the largest dam in the world. A project of this magnitude takes a lot of construction workers, and they […]

Hydrokinetic energy to power our future – USA Science and Engineering Festival

CRAIG HILL: The new age in hydropower is hydrokinetic energy. So hydrokinetic energy is the form of renewable energy. Very similar to wind energy only it uses the naturally occurring currents such as rivers or tidal channels. It’s much more environmentally friendly. So there’s a lot of research going on right now as to why […]

Noise Engineering Controls: Hydropower Plants – Sound Dampening

[music] Hydropower plants generate lots of power and sometimes excessive noise. For employees working inside the powerplants harmful noise levels can cause problems. In the last 10 years, Reclamation has spent over 5 million dollars in hearing loss claims. Among the Bureau of Reclamation’s 53 hydropower plants, some built more than half a century ago, […]

Solar Decathlon China 2013

Solar Decathlon (SD), initiated by the U.S. Department of Energy, has been held for six occasions to present. Collegiate students from around the world join the competitions of ten contests, to showcase the trends in solar buildings, and prospects of solar energy applications. They are the innovators, and designers of solar energy applications for the […]

QESST for solar power to feed an energy hungry world – Science Nation

♪ MUSIC ♪ MILES O’BRIEN: The sun works hard on this desert campus. CHRISTIANA HONSBERG: We get 50 percent of the total electricity load during peak days from solar. MILES O’BRIEN: With support from the National Science Foundation, Arizona State University electrical engineer Christiana Honsberg directs “Quantum Energy and Sustainable Solar Technologies”–or QESST. They’re tackling […]

Top 10 largest solar power plant in world 2017

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Transparent Solar Panels | Michigan State University

– I’m here on the water front in Detroit and I’m talking about solar power. When you think of traditional solar panels, you think of those large black squares that are mounted on rooftops or in fields. But what if we were able to start getting our solar panels to look like this? An entire […]

Day at Work: Solar Design Engineer

My name is Stefania, and I am a solar design engineer. and I work in a solar company called Luminalt here in San Francisco. And we install solar, thermal, and photovoltaic systems both for residential and commercial applications. Luminalt is a woman-owned company. It is focused on building a sustainable community. Energy is a major […]