Why isn’t the Netherlands underwater? – Stefan Al

In January of 1953, a tidal surge shook the North Sea. The titanic waves flooded the Dutch coastline, killing almost 2,000 people. 54 years later, a similar storm threatened the region. But this time, the Netherlands were ready. As the water swelled, state-of-the-art computer sensors activated emergency protocols. Over the next 30 minutes, a pair […]

We Built a Giant Furry Electric Dog Car!

hello so this is not how we plan to start this build you might notice I’m on my own that’s because I was on my way down to build when Shawn called me and let me know that someone who’s been helping with the prep this build has been in contact with someone with coronavirus […]

Meet the Autonomous Insect Robots That Will One Day Swarm the Skies

It has wings, a “brain,” and is the world’s first insect-sized drone able to wirelessly take flight. It’s RoboFly: a member of an entirely new class of flying robots. And its specialties aren’t limited to the sky: it can navigate obstacles on land and in the water, too. The team behind this latest innovation is […]

How Electrical Bushings Work (Power Engineering)

Does a Better Tesla App Exist? Tezlab Pro Review

We Made A Powerful Electric Heater Helmet!

welcome to Kids Invent Stuff the channel where we build kids inventions and it’s mini build time now we get invention ideas sent in from kids from all across the world and usually the invention idea has a name on it but this particular invention we have no idea who designed it but we are […]

HOW ROCKETS ARE MADE (Rocket Factory Tour – United Launch Alliance) – Smarter Every Day 231

Five… Four…. Three… Two… One… Hey it’s me Destin, welcome back to Smarter Every Day I love rockets If you’ve been around this channel, you know that about me and today is like the best day ever because we’re going to learn how to build rockets. Just down the road from Huntsville, Alabama there’s a […]

A new way to remove CO2 from the atmosphere | Jennifer Wilcox

Four hundred parts per million: that’s the approximate concentration of CO2 in the air today. What does this even mean? For every 400 molecules of carbon dioxide, we have another million molecules of oxygen and nitrogen. In this room today, there are about 1,800 of us. Imagine just one of us was wearing a green […]

Is 100% Renewable Possible By 2050? – Interconnectors

This episode of Real Engineering is brought to you by Curiosity Steam. Sign up today and get free access to my new Logistics of D-Day series on Nebula. This year the European Union announced an unprecedented 1 trillion euro Green Deal Investment Plan with the goal of bringing the entirety of Europe’s energy generation to […]

Electric Motor Art (A STEAM Project)

Hello I am Jared, welcome to Fun Science Demos. You know there is a lot of cool and inexpensive science gadgets that you can find online and our friends at Educational Innovations sent us one such gadget and today we are going to take a closer look at their science kit they sent us called […]