Shell Lubricants – Electric Motor Grease

I’m Patrick in this video we’ll talk about electric motors and how they’re right Greece can reduce your electric bill here is a one and a half horsepower electric motor despite its small size this electric motor consumes a surprising amount of energy here is a 10 watt LED light bulb when this motor is […]

Tevva SOLIDWORKS Success Story Video (eTruck, Clean Air Technology, Electric Vehicles)

Tevva was founded principally to develop and engineer eTrucks and associated technologies to deliver clean air urban transport. It’s certainly the future, eTrucking for clean air… There’s legislation now worldwide to reduce emissions of trucks. Tevva is one of the leaders of eTruck technology. We have a team of seven highly-experienced SOLIDWORKS designers and engineers. […]

PacDrive 3 Delta Robots for Food Production with Sewtec Automation | Schneider Electric

My name’s Paul Johnson, I’m the sales director at Sewtec. So the system we’ve developed is an end of line packing system for a dog food producer called Pets Choice. And what we have to do is initially identify the chubs and then pack them into an SRP or shelf ready pack/case. The system is […]

Top Inventions of Nikola Tesla! Inventor of modern electricity!

Nikola Tesla was a Serbian American inventor who lived from July 1856 to January 1943 perhaps you have not heard of him by name but you will have undoubtedly heard of his many inventions so let’s look at the top inventions of Nikola Tesla see how many of these inventions you still use today number […]

BUILDING A SELF DRIVING CAR IN 72 HOURS (what could go wrong)

hey guys so we just got invited to an awesome event in Australia come with me hey guys we’re here down under just up the Brisbane vents and today and we’re gonna be converting some cars to self-driving this weekend so then pull us out all the way from Canada to participate in this event […]

Cummins – Bringing Electricity to Padarwadi

Cummins is involved in projects across the world to bring power to remote areas. Padarwadi, a village in Western India, presented a special challenge for employees at Cummins India. The village’s 10 households are located in a forest preserve connected to the nearest town by a long, narrow path that twists up a mountain. The […]

How Gasification Turns Waste Into Energy

Our society produces a lot of waste. Over 2 billion tons per year, in fact. A number that’s expected to grow by 70 percent by 2050. That’s a line of garbage trucks stretching from San Francisco to New York City every single day. Organic materials in landfills decompose. They produce methane, a very potent greenhouse […]

How to Make Rocket Igniters (Electric Matches)

For this video, I’m going to show you how to make a handful of remote controlled, electric ignitors from things you already have around the house. That will ignite fireworks safely, and from a distance. Or launch your homemade rockets, with the simple press of a button. To start this project, you’ll just need a […]

850hp Electric Racing Car: Driving the Drayson B12/69EV — /CHRIS HARRIS ON CARS