PM-1 Nuclear Power Plant

Behind me stands the remains of the PM-1 nuclear power station atop Warren Peak near Sundance Wyoming. The PM-1 nuclear power station was the first portable nuclear power station ever constructed in the United States. The Pm-1 power station was designed to operate 3 large radars. Warren Peak in the Bearlodge Mountains made the perfect […]

Small Hydropower Systems

To many Wyomingites hydropower conjures up images of giant dams on the North Platte or Wind River, but hydropower comes in many sizes. Small hydropower where a system produces enough electricity from one to several hundred homes is seeing increased interest. Here at the municipally owned Buffalo hydroelectric facility raw water is diverted from Clear […]

Solar Stock Water Systems

For Wyoming ranchers water and forage are vital to the success of their operation. Supplying water through a solar powered livestock watering system, like the one you see behind me here, can offer a way for producers to cost effectively deliver water to remote pastures. And there is a lot of discussion about when and […]