Some… Good News? – SOME MORE NEWS

(scribbling) Hey. I should probably drink this entire bottle, huh? (twinkling) (shouts) What? I’m a monster! What is this flesh prison? What happened? (upbeat music) Oh. Really? All right, let’s do, let’s, let’s do some good news. Maybe this isn’t so bad. This show can be a real, a real stick in the mud like, […]

Indigenous Clean Energy: Hydro Power | L’énergie propre autochtone: L’énergie hydroélectrique

But the intriguing thing about Canada is our water. We have more fresh water than any country in the world. We love our lakes in the winter and summer to skate on them in the winter to swimming them in the summer. We I love paddling on rivers across this country. So when you have […]

Indigenous Clean Energy: Solar Power | L’énergie propre autochtone: L’énergie solaire

I want to go to solar power. You know that we’re not doing this around February. the sun’s come back. oh actually no March early March and on a sunny day now I’m going to go and skate out in the Rideau canal right after this and I look up at the sun today because […]

In high demand: Solar Kiosk in Rwanda | DW English

Claudine Kamikazi has a precious commodity that’s in high demand. She runs a “Mobile Solar Kiosk” at the central bus station in the Rwandan capital, Kigali. Many of the phone users alighting here have been on the road and off-line for hours. Claudine’s kiosk enables them to charge up their phones or surf the Net […]