American Solar Direct on KUSI News at 10

This is the KUSI news at Ten. And here in San Diego numerous solar company’s now operating in Poway. American Solar Direct who will produce clean energy products, available to home owners. They can reduce their electric bills with out no upfront costs.

Climate change explained: do green policies harm developing economies? | FT

Thank you. Are green energy policies jeopardising the economies of developing countries? This is a hot potato. The answer at the moment is very clearly no, because developing countries in truth have implemented almost no green energy policies, partly because, at least until the Paris accord, they didn’t really have any obligations to do so. […]

Environment Matters – March 2013, Part 2

KATHY: Every year, tons of building surplus, construction debris and unwanted household and office furniture end up taking up valuable space in landfills across the country — but one organization is making a dent in that pile — and extending the useful life of thousands of items… The DEP’s Greg Adolfson joins us now and […]

Sarah Hyland Wants You to Protect Our Planet – Now You Know

[MUSIC PLAYING] Hey, Joy, can I ask you something? Sure thing oddly familiar voice. What do you know about climate change? Seems like we’re making good progress with hybrid cars and meatless Mondays. We should be pretty good soon, right? If we don’t change our behavior by 2030, the damage to earth could be permanent, […]

Seoul calls on Japan to disclose current status of water contamination

South Korea China and Japan met at the tripartite environment ministers meeting in Qatar Kyushu Japan over the weekend where Seoul called on Tokyo to disclose the current status of the contaminated water caused by the Fukushima nuclear power plant disaster South Korea’s Environment Minister Jo Myung BAE sat down Sunday with his Japanese counterpart […]

Ted Kaczynski – Anti-Tech Revolution: Why and How | A Critique

Intro Last time I did a summary of the main line of argumentation that Ted Kaczynski presented in his last book Anti-Tech Revolution: Why and How. If you’re interested, check it out. Now, I’m interested in looking critically at the work. My aim here isn’t to nitpick every single little thing, a lack of rigor […]

Why Palm Oil Is So Cheap

Palm oil is cheap and ubiquitous. It’s used in thousands of everyday products and is the most widely consumed vegetable oil on the planet. You can get a kilo of palm oil for just $2. But its usage has become unsurprisingly controversial, as huge areas of rainforest have been cut down or burned to make […]

Why Some Airplanes Have Rounded Noses and Not Pointed

Okay. One day I was sitting at the airport, counting the cash I had just pick-pocketed – no not really, just checking whether you were paying attention — and I noticed a couple of planes parked side by side near the terminal. They looked almost the same, but one of them had a rounded nose […]