Bioplastics from sugar beets – BLOOM Bioeconomy

Biomass is everywhere. I am surrounded by all kinds of plants and fields and all this green nature around me is what we call “biomass”. On the Bloom project we look into new technologies and innovations of the so-called bioeconomy. In this episode, I am on my journey to find out how it is possible […]

Solar Design – Renewable

This is Beth and Julia. They turn sunlight into television, and cold fridges, and internet videos. Beth and Julia are designers with solar companies. Before the installers ever arrive, they’re responsible for designing a system that will turn sunlight into usable energy. But before all of this, they had to figure out how to train […]

How diseases rise and fall with the seasons—and what it could mean for coronavirus

–Music– How exactly do we become “under the weather”? The question has fascinated the field of medicine for millennia. Observers of disease, from Hippocrates to Salk, have noticed that illnesses ebb and flow with the seasons. Influenza, for instance, goes away in the summer and comes back in late fall or winter. Now that a […]

Main messages of the UN World Water Development Report 2020, Water and Climate Change

Maas&Staple Podcast | Season 1 Episode 4 : COVID 19, Climate Change and more!

holy guys and welcome back to our podcast we’ve got Steve Sabol here yeah hello and we’ve got Michael Mars also know him as Mars yeah I’m here back in the hood with the voice that I yes sorry today we’ve got we go there’s been a Nobel Prize nominee just recently that’s been the […]

What we can learn from the Coronavirus (COVID-19).

This video was made possible by the people who support me on Patreon. Born out of the live animal market in Wuhan, China, the coronavirus has exploded into an international pandemic. China quarantined millions of people and basically shut down its economy. Italian leaders grounded flights, suspended mortgage payments, and cleared streets with mandatory lockdowns. […]

Meet the Autonomous Insect Robots That Will One Day Swarm the Skies

It has wings, a “brain,” and is the world’s first insect-sized drone able to wirelessly take flight. It’s RoboFly: a member of an entirely new class of flying robots. And its specialties aren’t limited to the sky: it can navigate obstacles on land and in the water, too. The team behind this latest innovation is […]

Answering Google’s 4 Most Search Questions on Sustainability

Hi Alex here. Nice to see you again. I am excited today because, we are answering the 4 most searched questions about sustainability on Google. This is the TOP 4 questions people have when they search sustainability on Google: What is a simple definition of sustainability? What are the 3 pillars of sustainability? Why is […]

The diet that helps fight climate change

I have to admit that when it comes to food, I’m a total sucker. Whether it’s sugar or grease or carbs, pretty much bring it on! And I spend a lot of time in Montana, so for me, that medium rare, grass fed ribeye steak? Pretty much as good as it gets. I know. I […]

How Green Energy Could Bring More Rain to Africa

♪♪♪ Africa’s Sahara desert is wide open and sparsely populated, a great source of sun and wind, and a prime location, some say, to build arrays of solar panels and wind turbines. And while replacing fossil fuels is great for fighting climate change, these power plants could bring more to the region than just tons […]