We need a president who supports the clean energy economy

(upbeat music) – I built this solar company in 2008, during the financial crisis. We now employ over 43 people and have over 750 installations completed. – The clean energy economy is booming. I’m happy to know that my job helps fight the climate crisis, while saving families money. – My clean energy job helped […]

We Are Passive Solar Home Builders | INDIE ALASKA

With a passive solar house and the ideas behind it, you build a house with energy efficient design, that can be moldable to fit your needs throughout your lifetime. One of the last places you can truely do this is Alaska. Specifically in the Mat-Su Valley. You have this ability to come up and do […]

Innovating to zero! | Bill Gates

I’m going to talk today about energy and climate. And that might seem a bit surprising, because my full-time work at the foundation is mostly about vaccines and seeds, about the things that we need to invent and deliver to help the poorest two billion live better lives. But energy and climate are extremely important […]

Could We Reverse Global Warming? | Unveiled

Is It Possible to Reverse Global Warming? The average temperature on Earth is rising. And although some have written climate change off as “natural”, according to NASA reports 97% of working scientists agree that the driving force for global warming is human activity. If it’s left unchecked, we could be facing a global catastrophe. So, […]

Duke Energy burns coal like it’s 1499

– You may have seen our new ad where we here at Duke Energy have vowed to shift beyond coal and become a righteous beacon of positive change. We’ve changed our company uniforms from crude burlap tunics to state of the art steel-plated armor. We’ve stopped burning whale blubber in our lanterns and switched to […]

Smart textiles help saving energy equivalent to more than three nuclear power plants!

Smart textiles that purify water or regulate temperature, TEKO, the Swedish Textile and Clothing Industries Association, is no stranger to challenge and change. Their stated goal is to reap environmental benefits in all product development. We work with environmental issues in many different ways. From being a side issue ten years ago, it is now […]

The Romaine complex: A new generation of hydropower pioneers

♪ The Romaine complex A new generation of hydropower pionners An imprssive project in harmony with nature Energy tht is clean, renewable, reliable and abundant Four generating stations with reservoirs Romaine-1 Romaine-2 Romaine-3 Romaine-4 Complex’s installed capacity : 1,550 MW 8 billion kWh a year Start of construction: 2009 End of construction: 2021 Jobs created […]

Renewable energy resource maps

[Judy Pino] As rising energy costs continue to grab headlines, Americans are paying more attention to alternatives to fossil fuels. Renewable energy sources such as solar, wind, and biomass power hold great promise, but communities struggle with where to build these facilities. Hello and welcome to Green Scene, EPA’s environmental podcast series that you can […]

What If Every Nuclear Power Plant Went Into Meltdown? | Unveiled

What If Every Nuclear Power Station Went into Meltdown? For more than seventy years, nuclear energy has helped satisfy the world’s insatiable need for electricity, but it carries risks as well as rewards. When it works, it is a clean alternative to fossil fuels. When it fails, the results are catastrophic. This is Unveiled and […]

The Winter Greenhouse, grow in -40’C (2018)

Imagine taking the heat from the sun in the summer, storing it, and then using it to heat a greenhouse in the winter! Heating a greenhouse costs so much in Canada in the winter that it’s cheaper to truck food in from 1000’s of miles away. Trucked in food is chemically ripened and tastes horrible. […]