Why Don’t We Have Water Powered Cars Yet?

Hey there, welcome to Life Noggin! Hey there! Welcome to my garage-slash-workshop-slash-Olympic-sized swimming pool room. And it’s the perfect place to work on my new invention, a water-powered car! Well, ok, it’s not *technically* my invention. The idea for water-powered cars has been kicking around for ages. Jules Verne wrote that “water will be the […]

How to Power the World With Nuclear Waste | Nat Geo Live

I’m here because I’m designing a type of nuclear reactor that can run entirely on nuclear waste.It’s able to consume the waste.So it actually turns it intoa clean and carbon-free source of electric power.We started developing this designfor a nuclear reactor that can consume the existing stockpilesof nuclear waste, of used nuclear fuel.And we started […]

The Children Audience Testimonial

How are The Children? I felt it was amazingly intense I loved it. I thought it was a really good reflection on the legacy we leave for our children. Yeah. It had characters like us: thoughtful and reflective and who still are kids too. I like that it was like older characters but relevant for […]

Worth Quoting: Hazel Henderson -Think Globally, Act Locally

[MUSIC PLAYING] Welcome to Worth Quoting, a program sponsored by Florida Community College’s Open Campus and part of our speaker series. I’m Carol Miner, the provost of Open Campus and your host today. My special guest is Hazel Henderson, who is definitely worth quoting. She’s an author, a futurist, an economist, and someone who’s really […]

Worth Quoting: Hazel Henderson and Elisabet Sahtouris – The Sustainable Future

[BEEPING] Our planet has four-and-a half billion years’ experience in organizing workable living systems and fitting new species into the pattern. We’re the only species that has to do it by our own conscious design, and that puts us into this very interesting point now where we have to make the shift. Where, again, like […]

Why did we Adopt Solar Power at Our Home? | Solarify | Bengaluru, India

Maybe as I grew up right, that was always there, I always wanted to give something back to the society. I thought this was one of the ways to do it. There’s always this guilt when you build a house I mean just if you’re living normally right? There’s always this guilt that you’re just […]

Fossil Fuels: The Greenest Energy

What if I told you that someone had developed an energy source that could help us solve our biggest environmental challenges, purify our water and air, make our cities and homes more sanitary, and keep us safe from potential catastrophic climate change? What if I also told you that this energy source was cheap, plentiful, […]

Desert Solar Power for US / Europe. Transmission over long distances. Energy keynote speaker

Generation, yes we can talk about wind turbines. We can talk about solar energy. You know, one of the most exciting things abouts the new technology coming is that we have the ability to take power up to 4 thousand kilometres from where it was made, to where it will be consumed. This is new. […]

Why You Should Love Fossil Fuel

Every year on Earth Day, we’re supposed to reflect on all the ways we’ve made the planet worse. But what if we try something different? What if we reflect on all the ways we’ve made the planet better? Try this thought experiment: Imagine that we transported someone from three hundred years ago, at the very […]

A Trump-supporting Texas city runs on 100% renewable energy

In the heart of Trump country, Texas, one city runs on 100% renewable energy: Georgetown. Population: 70,685. For Republican mayor Dale Ross, the choice to go renewable was a no-brainer. It’s still rare to find a place where renewables are the only source of energy but Georgetown is a sign that it’s possible in a […]