Investing in Tribal Success: DOE’s Tribal Energy Deployment Program

Nathan Nash: Nobody notices energy until it’s gone really. We’ve been out for weeks at a time, days at a time, and our diversification is a need more than just a want. Dave Pelunis-Messier: All of our villages that are off the road system, the main source of electricity is from diesel generators, and that’s […]

Secretary Moniz on Natural Gas and Renewables

Obviously we’ve had what’s often termed a natural gas revolution, with unconventional production, and it is remarkable. In fact, it’s interesting that — this is a little bit of a reflection on the side — that I think we often say that, you know, the energy business is a big, slow-moving, highly inertial business for […]

Energy 101: Fuel Cell Technology

We all live in a modern world—a world full of technologies that looked completely futuristic just a generation ago. Those modern, futuristic devices that help get us through the day all use energy, and to supply all of that energy, we need fuel. Today, the technology around generating clean renewable energy is evolving about as […]

National Labs Improving Photovoltaic Technology

Charlie Gay: Lower costs will come about as a sum of a number of parts. Our National Renewable Energy Lab is unique… Being able to create the fundamental models for how materials perform, the equipment and infrastructure to actually make the materials that follow those models, and they have the test hardware to prove that […]

Hydropower Vision – U.S. Department of Energy

Linda Church Ciocci: Hydropower is woven in the very fabric of our nation. It is our largest source of renewable energy, provides the backbone of our electric system, has an incredible history. What’s wonderful about the report is that it acknowledges and recognizes the value that hydropower has brought to our system, as well as […]

Solar Powered Classroom

We live in the fossil fuel age right now but eventually we will need a new way to make electricity. There is some magic to solar power. My name’s Aaron. I’m a fourth grade teacher at Central Park School for Children in Durham, NC. My whole goal as a teacher is to develop problem solvers. […]

Solar Impulse’s Solar-Powered Plane

A lot of people are going to be surprised ten years from now at where solar is, and not only in standard applications, but in applications we don’t yet because of the various types of solar technology being put forward. Today, we have, after nine months of preparation and two months of flight mission, we […]

Simplifying the “Going-Solar” Process

Charlie Gay: Somebody who wants to go solar is confronted with, “How do I do this? Where do I go?,” SunShot helped fund EnergySage to make a convenient portal to the world of solar. Today, the start-up is a multi-million dollar business with over 30 employees. EnergySage has made it easy to find the competitors […]

Solar Financing Options: Make the Best Investment for Your Santee Solar Energy System

If you live in Santee and haven’t gone solar, you’re probably over-paying for your electricity. Some homeowners may feel like they can’t afford solar… But even with zero money out-of-pocket, you can save money with solar. Here are just some of the many financing options: Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) Homeowners in participating counties fund […]

Energy 101: Energy Efficient Commercial Buildings

Here’s a fact that might surprise you. About 20% of all the energy we use in the U.S. goes to power commercial buildings. Buildings like the offices and schools we use every day. So you can easily see how much energy—and money—we can save when our buildings are as energy efficient as possible. Today’s energy-saving […]