ESP32 Deep Sleep Tutorial for Low Power Projects

Dear friends welcome to another video! Today we are going to learn how to put the ESP32 chip into the Deep Sleep mode in order to conserve power and make our projects battery friendly. There is a lot to cover so let’s get started! Hello, guys, I am Nick and welcome to a channel […]

#142 Solar Power for the ESP8266, Arduino, etc.

Grüezi YouTubers. Here is the guy with the Swiss accent. With a new episode around sensors and microcontrollers. We all have our gadgets, and all of them need some electricity. Usually, we use batteries or a power supply. Today I will start a small project to use solar energy to power our devices during the […]

Cheap 5V solar panel power test

In this video we go to test this cheap Chinese solar panel. Item size is 26 x 14 cm Weight is only 102 g and it’s very thin (about 1 mm) Panel contains voltage regulator which output should be 5V Maximal output current shoud be 1,2 A Let’s test the voltage Open-circuit voltage is 5.06 […]