ICO “ZERO CARBON PROJEСT” interview with Derek Myers and Alastair Hutson [ENG][SUB:RU]

BLOCKHEAD Weekly CryptoCurrency News – Week 11 2019

blockhead cryptocurrency news crypto slow with more crypto gains what’s going on guys welcome to blockhead news your weekly crypto Sunday update so let’s get into it first thing right off the bat we had 888 with the massive price crash after the div payout as we’ve talked about this before it was a massive […]

What Mass Media Gets Wrong About Cryptocurrency: Blockchain Beyond Bitcoin (w/ Ash Benington)

Ash Bennington: Over the last few years, the only thing more impressive than the skyrocketing surge in cryptocurrency prices is the media attention they’ve attracted. But what if in this tsunami of media coverage of digital currencies, we’re missing the big story? What if the real revolution isn’t the shortterm surge in the valuation of […]

NestEgg – Own A Piece of Future Infrastructure

Meet Bob He wants to prepare for his future, but Bob is wary of his available options to achieve this. Leaving money in the bank account doesn’t make enough interest. The stock market is too speculative. And a house is long-term obligation. Bob wants an alternative option to safely invest for the future. Introducing NestEgg […]

Volatile Stock Market? How, and Why, to Get Solar Upside Exposure

Thank you for wathcing the Blockchain Report. I’m Ian McGrady [Communications Director of Sun Fund] This is sponsored by Sun Fund. I’m here with Sun Funds’s Scott Licamele [Co-Founder of Sun Fund] Scott, how are you doing? Very well. How are you? Today we’re looking at the renewable energy market and the blockchain crypto currencies. […]

Bitcoin Q&A: Solar energy & mining in space

[QUESTIONER]: Suppose the solar technology advances very well… [ANDREAS]: Yes. [QUESTIONER]: It will capture a lot of [solar energy] with very high efficiency. So marginal costs will become zero. Then would proof-of-work still work, with marginal costs at zero? [ANDREAS]: That’s a good question. Suppose that solar energy advances with its efficiency and you can […]