Iran’s Fight For Nuclear Power

For the last fifty years, Iran and the US have been fighting over the issue of Iran’s nuclear capability. Tension over sanctions and broken agreements have fueled this diplomatic deadlock. Here’s a timeline to explain the history of this back and forth. July 01, 1968 Iran signs the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty with 50 other countries, […]

What is Putin’s goal when touting nuclear power?

Nuclear Fusion Reactor ITER: MEGAPROJECTS (Part 7)

No list of megaprojects would be complete without including the largest-ever science project. The International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (or, ITER) is a collaboration between China, the European Union, India, Japan, Russia, South Korea, and the United States that is under construction in Southern France where researchers will attempt to see if they can, essentially, recreate […]

Solar energy in an app to power Africa

What we do here is social business. It must be a business so that we can make it grow because the challenge is to benefit millions, or tens of millions, hundreds of millions of people but we still have a social impact, which is very important. Africa is a land of innovation. Even though there […]

Episode 7 – Gaseous gold

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to this episode which would not have been possible without the support of the Adam Smith Foundation. Today we will talk about a major candidate in the race for the Save Europe Award. And it is shale gas. You may never have heard of it but it is an ideal solution. […]

#DiscoverHydropower with #Voith: How Europe Meets Rising Energy Demands

These days our hunger for energy seems insatiable. How can we satisfy it sustainably? Efficiently, future-orientated? And what role does water play in this? We at Voith went on a journey to explore one of the most attractive renewable energy sources in the world. Hydropower. The tour guides, European energy experts and protagonists: Prof. Dr. […]

EU and China reach ‘amicable solution’ over solar panels row

Brussels and Beijing have finally agreed to a minimum price for solar panel imports. After the European Commission accused China of selling its solar panels in Europe at below cost, the EU executive imposed an almost 50% provisional tariff on Chinese solar imports. EU trade commissioner Karel de Gucht said on Monday that both sides […]

#DiscoverHydropower: From Automated Plants to Intelligent Hydro

What have we learned from the #DiscoverHydropower adventure? Stable clean energy supply is based on the sensitive interaction between different powers. And hydropower plays a key role in this. It’s technology is diverse: Pumped-storage plants are crucial for grid stability. Thus reliable solutions from trusted partners like Voith are highly valuable. Decentralized sources like small […]

Economic Update: Democratize the Enterprise

Welcome friends to another edition of economic update a weekly program devoted to the economic dimensions of our lives, our jobs, our incomes, our debts, the interest rates we pay, the foreign trade that affects us, all of that. I’m your host Richard Wolff I’ve been a professor of economics all my adult life and […]

Blue Heart: The Fight for Europe’s Last Wild Rivers

In the Balkans, the whole river system is under attack. When we see beauty they see money. Rivers have the power to unite. Shouldn’t there be something that we do not destroy? This whole community’s journey in life is tied to the river. There can be no life for me here, once the river turns […]