Cheaper and greener electricity at home

Our days are regulated by the use of appliances that weigh on our electricity bills. But machines like air conditioning, water boilers or refrigerators could be less expensive if used in a clever way. To help us save money, experts from the EU-funded project ADDRESS have developed this Energy Box, currently tested by Spanish households. […]

How the Labour, Tory and Lib Dem general election manifestos compare on policy – Today News

 All the major parties have now released their general election manifestos.   The Tories, Labour and the Lib Dems have unveiled their election blueprints – complete with policy platforms, spending plans and pledges  Voters throughout England and Wales will be asked to choose between them in less than three weeks’ time  Labour’s manifesto was hailed […]

Solar energy in an app to power Africa

What we do here is social business. It must be a business so that we can make it grow because the challenge is to benefit millions, or tens of millions, hundreds of millions of people but we still have a social impact, which is very important. Africa is a land of innovation. Even though there […]

EU and China reach ‘amicable solution’ over solar panels row

Brussels and Beijing have finally agreed to a minimum price for solar panel imports. After the European Commission accused China of selling its solar panels in Europe at below cost, the EU executive imposed an almost 50% provisional tariff on Chinese solar imports. EU trade commissioner Karel de Gucht said on Monday that both sides […]

Slavoj Žižek: Why There Are No Viable Political Alternatives to Unbridled Capitalism

I still believe in the saying of this oath Frankford School fellow traveler Marxist Valter Benjamin who said that behind every rise of fascism there is a failed revolution. I think even if we strategically, I’m not sure about it, accept this term Islam fascism for Islamic fundamentalist, this so called Islam fundamentalism is strictly […]

REN21 2013 Renewables Global Status Report: Focus on European Union

>>Vickie Healey: Good day everyone! I am Vickie Healy with the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, and I’d like to welcome you to today’s webinar hosted by the Clean Energy Solutions Center and REN21. We are very fortunate to have Christine Lins and Rainer Hinrichs-Rahlwes joining us to be our panelists today and they’ll be discussing […]

How Germany Became Europe’s Richest Country

bjbjLULU JUDY WOODRUFF: And to Europe’s debt crisis. Negotiations are going down to the wire on yet another bailout for Greece, one that would require German help. From Germany, Margaret Warner reports on some of the people who help make it Europe’s richest country. MARGARET WARNER: The Restaurant Dionysos was packed on a recent night, […]

Top 10 Facts – 2016

*sigh* I guess I have to talk about this? I mean, I’m not even from the US and I am glad the election is over. But it was a big part of 2016 so let’s just get it over with. And just in case I sound a bit strange in this video it’s because I […]

New solar system for improved energy-efficiency

Finding creative solutions to energy issues and energy – efficient buildings has become a major priority for Europe in recent years. Today simple, non-polluting technologies are deployed quickly. This industrial building in Malta hosts the prototype of an EU-funded optical system developed in the framework of the European project DiGeSPo. Its Concentrated-solar technology will be […]