How to power the world from clean renewable energy sources. It can be done!

We can power the world from clean, renewable energy sources. We don’t need fossil fuels. This video explains the details of how we achieve this See part 1 of this play-list for a brief overview Moving to a cleaner renewable world needs political will, and investment.

Tesla success story – is it holding back EV competition?

While Tesla is booming, other companies seem to be struggling to gain a foothold in EVs. Tesla set the bar for what to expect from an EV, but established automakers can’t seem to release brand new EVs that hit that bar. And EV startups, which look capable of delivering compelling EVs, are still getting up […]

Tesla 2018 Q4 Earnings Call (No Ads)

Solar Cheaper Than Coal By 2021

– By 2021, solar is gonna be cheaper than coal, a new report from Bloomberg New Energy Finance suggests. The new report shows that the price of solar is dropping rapidly, much faster than originally anticipated. The lead author, Seb Henbest, said, “Costs of new energy technologies are falling “in a way that is more […]

Electric Car Sion on Tour 2018 | Sono Motors

We carry out test drives because we simply want to introduce the Sion to the world and explain our mobility concept. I’m a mecanical engeneer, i belive in green economy and i belive that electric motor is the future of this business. The atmosphere is awesome, people are interested, it’s just fun to talk to […]