What Secrets Are Hiding on Jupiter’s Moons?

Jupiter could be considered an independent solar system, only in miniature form. The gas giant has the same basic ingredients as the sun and is surrounded by dozens of geologically diverse moons. Out of the 79 confirmed surrounding Jupiter, four ancient moons have astronomers really excited because they offer up some of the most distinctive […]

Faces of Technology Meet Dionne Hernandez Lugo

If we’re gonna have astronauts living on the Moon and Mars, you need power to be able to live in space. My name is Dr. Dionne Hernandez-Lugo and I manage a team that develops power systems for future space exploration. Kilopower is a nuclear technology. This set up here will be the actual size of […]

Exploring an Abandoned Power Plant – MASSIVE Turbine Hall!

In today’s episode, we’re exploring one of the most incredible structures ever built for the purpose of power generation. The Port Richmond Generating Station. The plant was built by the Philadelphia Electric Company in 1925 along the bank of the Delaware river. It’s Neoclassical architecture was meant to signal permanence, but it would only operate […]

NASA’s WFIRST Space Telescope Will Offer an Unprecedented Look at the Universe

You may have heard that it’s not smart to look directly at the Sun, and that’s for good reason—it’s pretty bad for you. But it turns out that stars can be problematic in a similar way when we’re looking out into space: their glare can stop us from seeing the stuff we want to see. […]

Sneaking Inside an Abandoned Nuclear Power Plant!

right now standing in front of one of four massive abandoned nuclear reactors at this unfinished power plant construction was halted in the 80s and it set just like this ever since come with us as we take you inside and explore the depths of this monolithic structure [Music] there’s so many spiderwebs holy fuck […]

Nuclear Thermal Propulsion (NTP)

First generation Nuclear Thermal Propulsion, or “NTP,” could enable both faster transit between the earth and Mars, and a series of advanced space missions. Nuclear Thermal Propulsion is powered by nuclear fission, which has been used on earth for more than seventy years. How it works is conceptually simple – energy from fission is used […]

Cold War Nuclear Fallout Is Still Affecting the Pacific, What Does That Mean for Us?

These nuclear weapon explosions were part of a series of 66 tests by the United States government during the Cold War. The tests were conducted on the Marshall Islands, a remote area of the Pacific Ocean earmarked for unlimited nuclear destruction. These are the islands today, which are mostly abandoned. Though they look like any […]

Set Off Loud Alarms at Abandoned Power Plant

Hey everyone, so today’s video is not going to be a regular video.. Uhm, what you’re actually about to see is a failed exploration and we were originally going to put this on the second channel But we both later decided on this was just too entertaining to not go up on the main channel […]