How NASA’s Rover Team Reimagined Mars 2020

NASA’s rovers on the surface of Mars are revealing answers to some of the biggest questions about our nearby planetary neighbor. And driving this rover – that is, on average, 225 million kilometers away from Earth – requires robust technology and years of development. And it’s about to get even more advanced with Mars 2020. […]

Jackery Portable Power Station Teardown! – Best charging deal of 2019?

This video is sponsored by Jackery. Today we’re going to be taking apart this 240 watt portable power station called the Explorer 240. We’re going to see how it works from the inside. This guy can charge your phone up to 18 times. Or a GoPro over 40 times. It can even run a TV […]

Cold War Nuclear Fallout Is Still Affecting the Pacific, What Does That Mean for Us?

These nuclear weapon explosions were part of a series of 66 tests by the United States government during the Cold War. The tests were conducted on the Marshall Islands, a remote area of the Pacific Ocean earmarked for unlimited nuclear destruction. These are the islands today, which are mostly abandoned. Though they look like any […]

Returning to Fukushima | Explorer

PHIL KEOGHAN: Nuclear power has been a reliable source of energy for 70 years. But it comes with the risk of a meltdown, as we saw in Chernobyl in 1986 and Fukushima in 2011. After Chernobyl, Russia ordered a 1,600 square mile area around the plant abandoned forever. But a very different plan is underway […]

Xiaolin Zheng: Solar Stickers to Power the World | Nat Geo Live

( intro music ) ( applause ) Good morning. It has been a truly exciting week for me. It’s a very empowering experience for me to get to know my fellow emerging explorers. For me, I’m passionate about energy problems. I hope we can have a sustainable energy future. Growing up in China, in the […]

Elon Musk on Solar Energy for Mars Exploration

I think solar energy is probably fairly significant for Mars and what’s gonna be quite important is having a very light-weight solar system, you know, both volumetrically and gravimetrically dense. So actually we’re playing with different concepts, like you know that thing, that party thing where you inflate it and it rolls out? The thing? […]

The Van Allen Belts Are Lethal, This Is How Astronauts Fly Through Them

There’s an invisible, magnetic force field surrounding our planet, protecting us from harmful solar wind that could annihilate Earth. But, this protective blanket is also a swirling ring full of deadly radiation. And to leave Earth’s atmosphere, astronauts have to pass through it. The Van Allen belts are rings of energetically charged particles that have […]