Small Hydropower Systems

To many Wyomingites hydropower conjures up images of giant dams on the North Platte or Wind River, but hydropower comes in many sizes. Small hydropower where a system produces enough electricity from one to several hundred homes is seeing increased interest. Here at the municipally owned Buffalo hydroelectric facility raw water is diverted from Clear […]

Benefits of Combining Solar Energy and Sheep

[Playful Music] [Newton County, GA/Snapping Shoals EMC Solar Farm] [Nat Sound] “Wheeeeew Come on”. [Scott Fuss/Marketing-PR Coordinator, Snapping Shoals EMC] One of the main things about Solar is, one of your most valuable resources is the property. It’s not the panels that are sitting’ on it, you have to buy the property. And so you […]

Solar Stock Water Systems

For Wyoming ranchers water and forage are vital to the success of their operation. Supplying water through a solar powered livestock watering system, like the one you see behind me here, can offer a way for producers to cost effectively deliver water to remote pastures. And there is a lot of discussion about when and […]