The Consequences of Technological Deflation (w/ Jeff Booth)

MAX WIETHE: Do you think the social consequences of that printing could come to fruition and slow down this deflationary cycle because of the social problems that will come to roost first? JEFF BOOTH: If you look at the newspapers today, if you look at most of what is in the news today, it’s the […]

The Fed’s Losing Battle with Deflation (w/ Jeff Booth)

MAX WIETHE: I’m sitting down with Jeff Booth, author of the Price of Tomorrow and also an entrepreneur, thank you for coming in all the way from Vancouver, Jeff. JEFF BOOTH: Thanks. Thanks for having me, Max. MAX WIETHE: It’s our pleasure. Well, before we get into a little bit about your background to help […]

This German Explorer Held Electric Eels in his Bare Hands


welcome to TTI welcome to a whole new world of science fun and machines before we begin subscribe now and don’t miss anything and you must always survive after watching this video survivor filter Pro the survivor filter pro is your opportunity to ensure your water supply stays crystal-clear even in the depths of bad […]

XR A lawn unto themselves | The Mallen Baker Show

in this roundup of the week, Extinction Rebellion protests against damage to the environment by damaging the environment, a study suggests that the contribution to methane levels from fossil fuels is higher than previously thought, and the US Republicans’ climate plan gets push back from some of its own people as the latest Democratic candidates’ […]

How Does The Electric Chair Work?

As you might have seen in our worst punishments show, humanity has come up with some very gruesome forms of executing people throughout history. Ever hear the phrase “thrown to the lions”, which the Romans called “damnatio ad bestias”? Well not just lions, but all kinds of wild animals might have been called upon to […]

Top 10 Animals With Bizarre Colors

Animals are amazing but sometimes animals come in completely unexpected and bizarre colors these images are not photoshopped but they sure do look it get ready to change how you see wildlife and Mother Nature forever I’m Charlie and today we’re going to look at animals with bizarre colors but before we get into it […]

Pluto 101 | National Geographic

– [Instructor] At the edge of the solar system Pluto pushes the boundaries of our understanding of the universe. Nestled within the far flung Kuiper belt the dwarf planet is believed to be one of the countless celestial objects left over from the formation of the solar system. While it is one of the Kuiper […]

Understanding EFLs Electricity Facts Labels (Texas)

electricity facts labels or EFLS are quickest way to find out all the details about any particular Bounce Energy electricity plan every retail electricity provider is required to provide an EFL to their customers whenever they sign up for any electricity plan Bounce Energy’s EFLs are drawn up in a clear consistent format The top […]

America’s Electricity Grid: Can It Recover from Obama’s War on Coal?

From Washington, it’s Just the Facts, a daily news program giving you the straight facts about progress, technology, and the environment. Here’s David Rothbard: President Trump has set a goal of a trillion dollars for upgrading and repairing America’s crumbling highways, railroads, and bridges. But Rick Manning of Americans for Limited Government has this to […]