Episode 7 – Gaseous gold

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to this episode which would not have been possible without the support of the Adam Smith Foundation. Today we will talk about a major candidate in the race for the Save Europe Award. And it is shale gas. You may never have heard of it but it is an ideal solution. […]

Solar calculators BUSTED!

why do I have a bunch of cheap calculators on my table because we’re going to do a little investigation it all started with this one a telstar CA 4229 a very basic calculator that ive been using for a number of years now until recently when I accidentally knocked it off the table and […]

These Lost Apollo Tapes Reveal How Astronauts Changed the Moon

Almost 50 years after the last mission to the moon, there are still questions the expeditions didn’t answer. Now though thanks to some archival sleuthing, one of those mysteries has been solved and it turns out the solution is… kinda dumb. It all started when the Apollo 15 mission in 1971 and the Apollo 17 […]

The Mystery Behind Jupiter’s Powerful Auroras

Jupiter is the king of the solar system, the king has a crown! But, like, what’s it made of? Jupiter, has auroras. We’ve known this for a while, Hubble spotted them. But they’re not regular auroras, they are the most powerful in the solar system. Earth could fit inside this loop. Yeah. CH-YEAH. It’s awesome. […]