Twinkle Trails Episode 23 – The Electricity Lighthouse (Musical version)

Ms. Twinkle. I can’t see where I’m going! It’s scary! Be careful! It’s a little hard to see so watch your step. Let’s find where the electricity is. Electricity? What’s that? Electricity is a form of energy produced by the movement of tiny particles, called electrons, which we see as light! How can we get […]

Middlebury College’s Solar Decathlon 2011 Sales Audiovisual Presentation

Inspired by the New England Farmhouse, Self-Reliance is a two-bedroom, solar-powered home designed for a young family of four. Environmentally-friendly building strategies and effective use of space, provide a comfortable home for family living. Self-Reliance’s simple design and timeless gable form make the structure familiar and appealing. A comfortable, shared living space is fundamental in […]

Static magic – At home science – ExpeRimental #5

Oooh! Can I try that? I am using The Force! Now, this is the closest I get to doing magic. But this isn’t actually a trick, this is a demonstration of static electricity and it’s a really fun way way of getting your children interested in some really interesting phenomena. Now watch that, just an […]

Heat Advisory [June 03, 2018]

I am at war was Satan how many of you are? God made this day specifically for us to come into his house and to worship Him. He made this day for us to be in fellowship with him and embrace our family that’s what he made this day for and consequently Satan wants to […]

Homer Gives Mike A Tour Of The Power Plant | Season 31 Ep. 2 | THE SIMPSONS

Ultimate Off-Grid VAN LIFE in Sprinter Van with a HUGE Solar System

Hey guys, Jenna here. Maybe you’ve never thought you wanted to live in a van, but I think after this week’s video you might just change your mind. Today I’m going to share the story of West and Savannah and their awesome van, which is totally decked out with a bunch of green energy and […]

Homesteading Family Living Off-Grid in a Spectacular Earthship

[Inspiring Music Playing]>>MARIE: So we bought this house, which is a kind of earthship, 10 years ago and we renovated it while we were living in Quebec City and we now live full-time in it for 2 years. And it’s an off-grid house. We live on solar panels, and rainwater, and with a composting toilet. […]

Pitching Your Wife – Part 2 – Convincing Your Wife to Buy a Tesla

– Welcome to part two of this three-part series on convincing your wife to let you buy a Tesla. Now it’s time to do our homework and really dig in and figure out what the key pieces are that are gonna help, kind of push her over the edge and convince her that this is […]