SOLD by LANDiO • Land in NEW MEXICO • 20 Acres with Electricity & Road Frontage

– Hello, this is Tory with LANDiO. We have a new 20 acre ranch. It has electricity, telephone, internet, road frontage, and private gated access to nearly 300,000 Acres of the Cibola National Forest. This is the property highlighted in green. Again it’s 20 Acres. You have road frontage along the entire East boundary of […]

The EASIEST Automatic chicken coop door opener!!!

hey there everybody so I wanted to show you my automatic chicken coop door opener I went looking for plans and there were a lot of different versions a lot of different techniques and honestly they were all too complicated there were solenoids and you know relays and all sorts of crap that I was […]

Floating Farm Takes Sustainable Agriculture to the Next Level

– First of all, very welcome at the first floating farm in the world. My name is Peter, and we are here in the Port of Rotterdam. We’re designing, developing, engineering floating farms on the water. It’s a challenge in the world to find space inside cities to produce healthy food very close to consumers. […]

How These Farmers Are Confronting the Climate Crisis | NowThis

– Average temperatures of the globe is continuing to go up— which, by the way, is a consensus. It’s 99.9% scientists are on the same page about this now. – 20 years ago, I was preaching that it was a hoax. When you get out of your own backyard, and you talk to people, and […]

Solar Farm Installers California | Commmercial Solar Company in Chino CA

Solar Farm Company in California | Solar Farm Installation in California | Ampsun Energy Inc.

Blue Span Immortal Dota 2 ROAD TO TOP 500

Future Cities

Welcome to This time, I’m going to talk about future cities. A modern city can be thought of as gigantic creature that depends on resources fed to it from around the planet. However, in the future, such global supplies cannot be guaranteed. Cities have evolved into sophisticated cybernetic machines for keeping civilization alive. In […]

Aquaponics System Grows Food on Boat Using Rainwater & Solar Power

All right, this is John Kohler with Today I have another exciting episode for you and I love it when I’m on a field trip. And today I’m on a field trip actually… I just got out of the big apple, the NYC, New York City from Grand Central Station. Came out on a […]