Idiotic Fox News Guest Says Burning Fossil Fuels IMPROVES The Environment

Fox News right now is kind of freaking out because we have the world scientific consensus telling us that we really only have a few years left to do something about catastrophic climate change and our increasing emissions and we have politicians who actually want to take the issue of climate change seriously right now. […]

US Department Of Energy Rebrands Fossil Fuels As “Freedom Gas”

The US Department of Energy is trying to sell more fossil fuels across the globe and they’ve come up with a jaw dropping idea to get the American public on board. Take it from there. It’s a crazy story. You know, it’s, it’s kind of what corporations do. When oh, corporates says let’s rebrand, so […]

Trump Administration Now Calls Fossil Fuels “Freedom Fuels”

On Wednesday of this week, the US department of Energy put out a press release where they kind of unveiled their new terms for fossil fuels. Here in the United States. It’s no longer that we’re fracking for natural gas. No, no, no. Folks would we are doing is extracting “freedom gas.” Freedom gas is […]

Trump Officials Try To Rewrite Study To Make Renewable Energy Look Bad

A few months ago, a draft version of the Department of Energy’s energy grid study was released, and it showed that everything that the Trump administration and Republicans had been saying about renewable energy was completely false. Renewable energy was not overloading our power grids. It was not taking up space that could be better […]