For These 7 Species, Sex Changes Everything

Thanks to Brilliant for supporting this episode of SciShow. Go to to learn more. [ ♪INTRO ] Animals and plants come in an amazing variety of shapes, sizes and colors. And generally speaking, biologists can use these traits to sort out different species. But sometimes, members of the same species look vastly different. Like, […]

Forging a Hydroelectric Future

[music] Dorothy Harris: Machining, welding, pipefitting, cleaning, oiling. A hydromechanic is everything but electrical. We balance. We rotate. We take apart. We put together. And that’s just the beginning. [music] In the United States Navy, I spent 16 years as an aviation metal smith. Heavy structures was my specialty. I got out, wandered the globe, […]


Hey, I’m Lisa and I’m from Austin Texas and this is my van Free Bird. She’s a 2012 Nissan NV 2500. I found out about van life when I started researching ways to travel around Europe that were gonna be affordable. It’s so common in Australia and Europe for people to rent vans and travel […]