How to turn leftovers into electricity | ReInventors

– Well, I think if I got one of these for my house, I could cancel my gym membership. So this is the inside of a horse? This is not what I expected a horse to look like. – Horse is actually an acronym. – What does it stand for? – It stands for high-solids […]

Turning Animal Waste in Energy in Viet Nam

Its mid-morning in Sóc Sơn District, an hour’s drive north of Hanoi. A team of technicians is setting up a new system for a family to cook their food and heat water. It uses a special fuel made from animal waste known as biogas. This is just one of tens of thousands of biogas units […]

Ammonia—a renewable fuel made from sun, air, and water—could power the globe without carbon

Could the future of renewable energy lie with a common household chemical? Ammonia might power your cleaning products and fertilize your plants, but it could soon be the carrier for moving energy around the world. Oil and gas, which make up most of our energy supply, can easily be shipped and stored. But renewable energy, […]