What Is Electricity? | 1945 | Educational Film

Electricity is one of our most faithful servants it gives us light It starts our cars has unlimited aviation circle lobe with entertainment it cooks, and refrigerates our food these represent few of the innumerable applications of electricity electricity at work but what is electricity and where does it come from to answer these questions […]


Memories are electrical there are physical structures in the brain but if its not electrically active, there are no memories. So therefore you realise that whilst the electric switch turns on the light, and that’s very important in our lives (heats and transforms it), that piece of electricity in the brain activates your memories means […]

Top 10 Nuclear Bomb Scenes in Movies

these big-screen teens will make you want to duck and cover welcome to watchmojo.com and today we’re counting down our picks for the top 10 nuclear bomb scenes in movies for this list we’re taking a look at the most memorable big-screen scenes that feature nuclear bombs and just so you know there may be […]

Deadpool vs Logan Fight Scene | X-Men Origins Wolverine (2009) Marvel X-Men Movie Clip

Okay Prefect Kayla Get the Kids out of here, Logan! Find an another way out Wade, is that you? Striker finally Figured out How to shut You up Wait You don’t Have to Do this Maybe You do I can help, let me handle Go Did I Get them Yeah Let’s go I can’t Go […]

Solar Wars (2020) | Official Teaser

[NIXON] More than 2 Million barrels a day of oil we expected to import into the United States, will not longer be available. We are heading toward the most acute shortages of energy since World War II.

Discovery Channel – Large Asteroid Impact Simulation

An asteroid with a diameter of 500 km. Destination: The Pacific Ocean. The impact peels the 10 km crust off the surface. The shockwave travels at hypersonic speeds. Debris is blasted across into low Earth orbit, and returns to destroy the surface of the Earth. The firestorm encircles the Earth, vaporizing all life in its […]

10 Hilariously Bad CGI Effects in Popular Movies & Television

Elite Facts Presents 10 of the WORST Uses of CGI in Films and Television 10. The Rock – The Mummy Returns Okay, Let’s start off with one of the most infamous uses of CGI. The Mummy Returns was a fun film. Sure it wasn’t a great film in terms of story but it sure was […]

How wildlife films warp time

In the Jungles episode of the BBC’s Planet Earth II, there’s a stunning scene of hummingbirds in Ecuador, flying in slow motion. And when it aired in the UK, some viewers wondered if the BBC actually created the footage with computer graphics. And you can’t blame them. With our own eyes, we’ll never see hummingbirds […]

[KOR CC] Clean Up Mekong with Hanwha Solar Boat

Here retreat is no longer an option. The Mekong River, it’s the last stand before 2,000 tons of trash flow into the Pacific Ocean each day. 730,000 tons of trash a year that flow straight into the Pacific Ocean, must be stopped. The key is how. This trash collecting barge emits even more carbon into […]

Glass Dome Eco House In The Arctic Circle

INGRID HJERTEFOLGER: When I look back at our creation now, I get a deep sense of gratitude and joy. INGRID HJERTEFOLGER: We were inspired by the hundreds of natural buildings around the world. It’s in our own and everybody else’s interest to protect, support and love the planet that sustains us. COMM: As part of […]