The Finns are Probably Living Better Than You

It’s the annual eating of the herring in Finland. For one week in October, people come here to downtown Helsinki to gorge on the freshest of fish, and other delicious, smoky treats. They jockey for position, prepare Instagram posts, and enjoy some Tolkien-inspired folk. As you may have heard, life is good for the Finns. […]

About HERA

Olá, pessoal! Olá, pessoal! Em nome da PSR, Eu gostaria de dizer que nós estamos muito satisfeitos e honrados por termos sido selecionados como um dos finalistas do prêmio Energy and Innovation Awards 2019 Nos próximos minutos Vocês assistirão a um vídeo que preparamos Sobre o HERA O resultado de anos de trabalho duro que […]

Google’s Hamina Data Center

[MUSIC PLAYING] JOE KAVA: One of the things that makes me really proud is when our team looks at a site and looks at the unique characteristics– from its geography, existing infrastructure that’s already there, the climate in that area– and then designs something specific to really make the most efficient cooling and power infrastructures […]

Inside The Tunnels That Will Store Nuclear Waste For 100,000 Years

– There’s an urban legend that when grave-robbers found their way to ancient Egyptian tombs, there were warnings they ignored. “Do not open this tomb. “Do not steal the riches inside. “You will be cursed and you will die.” It’s not true. Not just the curses aren’t real, but those warnings were just an urban […]

200W Aurinkopaneelijärjestelmän Asennus Mökille 12V PWM Eco-Worthy ENG Subtitles

Todays topic is Solar power system assembly to cabin Solar panel system etc It has many names But let’s begin Here are Two 100W solar panels Already assembled before There’s still room for two extra panels These are now connected in paraller I will tell more about it later Let’s continue I ordered this solar […]

C-News | Caverion video news | Summer 2018

Hi, welcome back to C-News. My name is Helene Johansen. Caverion’s mission is smart solutions and happy customers. Today we are going to take you to Germany where you can see how Caverion is ensuring the happiness of our customer MTU. Then we’ll check in with Sweden, where we’re using smart solutions to take care […]