Alex Tapscott: “Blockchain Revolution” | Talks at Google

ALEX TAPSCOTT: That was really cool. I kind of want to try that out. Everybody, give me a big cheer. [CHEERING] Wow. That power is seductive. Thanks for joining me today. Great to see a standing-room-only crowd here. There must not be a lot going on this week. I’m delighted to be here. I’ve been […]

🔴The Five Transitions in Energy Happening Now (w/ Rob West)

What are these energy transitions and what do they look like well We’ve got historical precedent for this and we can go back and look at these two big energy transitions that have occurred in the past To form a view of what the future is going to look like – so the first big […]

Bitcoin Q&A: Solar energy & mining in space

[QUESTIONER]: Suppose the solar technology advances very well… [ANDREAS]: Yes. [QUESTIONER]: It will capture a lot of [solar energy] with very high efficiency. So marginal costs will become zero. Then would proof-of-work still work, with marginal costs at zero? [ANDREAS]: That’s a good question. Suppose that solar energy advances with its efficiency and you can […]