pemancing danau toba harus coba mancing di sini

spot mancing ini berada sekitar 4 km setelah PLTA desa Silalahi di pemancingan ini kalian bisa memancing sambil camping, memanggang dsb jika ingin camping di tempat ini dan tidak punya tenda pengelola juga siap membantu untuk booking tenda untuk anda bagi yang ingin menginap di silalahi pengelola juga memiliki penginapan yang berlokasi dekat PLTA penginapan […]

Aquaponics System Grows Food on Boat Using Rainwater & Solar Power

All right, this is John Kohler with Today I have another exciting episode for you and I love it when I’m on a field trip. And today I’m on a field trip actually… I just got out of the big apple, the NYC, New York City from Grand Central Station. Came out on a […]

Grand Coulee Dam: A Man-Made Marvel (Full Movie)

[ wind ]>>A century ago, many looked at the Columbia Basin as a vast wasteland. But a few dreamers saw something more, an idea to turn that harsh landscape into acres of farmland. [ Music ]>>These visionaries understood the potential of the Columbia River. The power to irrigate, create energy, and control flows would become […]

How do fish make electricity? – Eleanor Nelsen

In 1800, the explorer Alexander von Humboldt witnessed a swarm of electric eels leap out of the water to defend themselves against oncoming horses. Most people thought the story so unusual that Humboldt made it up. But fish using electricity is more common than you might think; and yes, electric eels are a type of […]

Fish Passage Improvements to Columbia and Snake River Dams

[Sound of water pouring out of dam.] Narrator: You can’t see them, but inside this rushing column of Columbia River water are young salmon and steelhead, migrating downstream to the ocean. [Sound of rushing water.] On their journey to the sea, the tiny fish, or smolts, encounter many dangers, but recent studies show when juvenile […]

Ep 5. Our solar panel went for a swim (TAKING THE CHANCE)

On this episode we have our first international guests aboard Añejo we take down our sails ready for a repair and our solar panels arrived But one decides to go swimming you are off the line Hélène and… accident ! After a little misshape last week. Hélène went cleaning this apartment in exchange For our […]

SUSTAINABLE ENERGY NEWS – Water conservation and sustainable power generation plan

In sustainable energy news, Formosa (Taiwan) converts fish farms to a viable solar energy business. To help reconstruction and promote development in areas affected by the 2009 Typhoon Morakot, The Honorable Magistrate Tsao Chi-Hung of Pingtung County introduced the water conservation and sustainable power generation plan. It involves the former fish farmers renting out their […]

Sam and the Plant Next Door – growing up by the nuclear power plant

News presenter: now let’s talk a little more about our main story here tonight, the government’s decision to give the go-ahead to Britain’s first new nuclear power plant for 20 years. The £18bn project at Hinkley Point in Somerset will be mainly financed by the French energy firm EDF, which is largely state owned. With […]

Turbulent Is Ready to Change the World!

Flüsse versorgen uns mit mehr als 85% unserer erneuerbaren Energie, uf dem jetzigen Standpunkt der Technologie benötigen wir jedoch große und teure Dämme um diese Energie zu nutzen. Noch teurer sind die .Überlandleitungen um die Energie zu den Menschen zu transportieren Und obwohl diese Dämme gebaut werden, um den Gemeinden zu helfen, verursachen sie für […]

Lowrance Elite Ti Switching Sonar Modes

Ok guys, so one thing I do want to talk about is this: yes this unit does do CHIRP and yes this unit does do side scan but you can’t run CHIRP and side scan both at the same time. So if I’m up here and I want to put this chart in CHIRP, I […]