AllSpark Solar Blankets and Flexible Panels

Beach, bush or somewhere remote, one thing you don’t want to be worried about is power. You’re supposed to be relaxing, and enjoying your time when you go camping. Let me introduce you to the AllSpark range of solar products. Whether you’re after a fixed panel, for on the roof of your caravan, 4WD or […]



Camping Solar Power Setup in VW T5 /T6 Transporter – Walkthrough by Base Campers®

Alright so on the roof We’ve got one of our slim-line solar panels only three mil thick so you don’t really notice they’re up there This one’s quite a big one this is a hundred and forty-five watts But we can do them anything from sort of sixty Watts upwards. Hope you’ve enjoyed this video […]

REVIEW – Cheap 10W USB Solar Panel

Hey so on this trip I’ve been using this Lixada 10 watt solar panel to charge my stuff it’s got just one USB port I think it’s rated at 1.2 amps so I charged this little five thousand milliamp hour battery with that and direct sunlight it takes you know all day six eight hours […]

Fuji Fwave Flexible Solar Panel

Hi today I want to show you flexible solar panel. Now when you think of solar panels you might be thinking of something like this which is a regular solar panel with the aluminium frame it’s a little bit heavy and it takes some serious mounting hardware but that’s not what I’m talking about. What […]