12 volt DC charge SYSTEMS electric boat ~ Home made Flexible SOLAR PANELS ~ solartekTV

Alright. We’re gonna go ahead and mount… this 5 WATT panel… that we, fisnished making here a little while ago and uh… this one runs at about twentytwo ta twenty four Volts,… DC (direct current) and it’s actually going to a charge controller uhh, It’ll max out @ 14.2 volts,DC and, we’re gonna go ahead […]

Breaking Down Solar Cells

Not all solar panels have the same technology inside of them so today Brian Milholland from SunPower by Millholand is here with me to break down solar cells to see the differences. This is a really exciting demo, thanks for coming in to share with me. Thanks for having me here. Solar cells are basically […]

Fun and Cost-Effective Home Installations – Designing Spaces

Today, we’ll show you how to turn your backyard into a vacation oasis 365 days a year. Ever consider installing solar power in your home? It’s a great way to go green, and it’s sure to cut down on those costly utility bills. We will also introduce you to a fast and affordable do-it-yourself remodeling […]

Solar Panel Install – No Drilling 🚫 | Industrial double sided Tape 3M | Flexible Solar Panels

hello this is part of my install I’ve installed two solar panels 120 watts each 12 volt so that comes to 240 watts of power 12 volt I put them down using double-sided tape industrial double-sided tape and then I use Gorilla Tape my mastic and the front to keep debris out and I was […]

Mono vs Poly Solar Panels + MPPT vs PWM Charge Controllers * RV SOLAR BASICS EP 6

Welcome to the channel I’m not lost I’m RVIng my name is Thomas and today we are finally talking about solar well solar panels and charge controllers that’s right today we’re gonna be talking about solar panels and charge controllers and just like with the rest of the series the video is gonna start easy […]