Are We Doomed?

This environmental catastrophe bearing down on us I keep hearing that we’re killing the earth How dare you. You have stolen my dreams and my childhood But wait, I’ve been a consumer reporter for years, I’ve covered so many scares. Plague, famine, and perpetual war will kill us. We’re going to run out of oil. […]

How Will Earth Change If All the Ice Melts?

This RealLifeLore video is sponsored by the upcoming film, An Inconvenient Sequel. You’ve probably heard news, at some point in your life, that the Earth is warming, and as result is that the Arctic ice is melting. There is no debate that Earth is warming up. The planet’s average temperature as increased 1.1 °C since […]

Oroville dam and flood gold

(pleasant acoustic guitar) – Hey, it’s Prospector Jess. I’m gonna bring you a little bit of a current event right now. You’ve heard of Lake Oroville, or the Oroville Dam, up in Northern California. This is in gold country on route 49 and it’s a very interesting place because it’ll give you a little insight […]

Lives behind hydropower dams

The local people have chosen the best place to live but now they have been displaced and cannot adapt to their new homes which does not provide sufficient conditions for their livelihoods You cannot set a price on the environmental and social damage caused by hydropower developments. It is easy to know how much money […]

LED SOLAR LIGHT 💥 Richarm Flood Light (Security) Review 👈

so today we have a solar light to show you it’s a floodlight from Richarm and it has 25 super-bright LEDs now this solar light comes with remote control that’s always handy to have with these things it has 25 LEDs to provide 300 lumens and it offers a 120 degree angle this right here […]

Hydro Flood Plain Model

Hi, I’m James LaRosa, the Service Hydrologist at the National Weather Service Office in Nashville, Tennessee. Here we have a Ward’s Flood Plain Model. It uses different types of trays to simulate different effects of flooding. The trays that are used in the presentation will act as a wetland, a parking lot, or a retention […]

How Do Spillways Work?

We normally build a dam to hold water back and store it for use in water supply, irrigation, hydropower, or flood control. But sometimes we have to let some water go. Whether we need it downstream or the impounded water behind the dam is simply too full to store any more, nearly every dam needs […]